One Piece: What island do these characters come from? Discover where the most important characters of the series spent their childhood

The world of one piece is very large and the characters move a lot from one place to another, so sometimes It is difficult to know where these characters come from or where they were born. But, calm down, here I am to make a list with the places of origin of the most outstanding characters of One Piece.

The homes of each One Piece character

The Straw Hat Pirates

  • Monkey D Luffy: He spent his entire childhood in Foosha Villagea small village in belonging to the Kingdom of Goa on Dawn Island.
  • Roronoa Zoro: Grew up in Shimotsuki Villa, founded by Shimotsuki Kozaburo. So it is believed that she was born in Wano.
  • Nami: She is an orphan of the War of the kingdom of oykotso he ended up arriving at Villa cocoyasithere he grew up with Nojiko and Bell-Mére.
  • usopp: Town syrup where he grew up with his father until he left with Shanks and was left to take care of his mother.
  • Sanji: He was born in the Kingdom of germa until he escaped from the tyranny of his family by getting on a ship that would end up sinking to end up growing in the cheapness.
  • tony tony Chopper: He was born as an ordinary reindeer in the forests of Drum.
  • Nico Robin: He grew up in oharawith all the scholars of the island.
  • Frankie: Who was born Cutty Flam, was born somewhere in South Blue but was abandoned by his parents in Water 7.
  • Brook: We don’t know much about his distant past, but he was Guardian of a Kingdom in the West Blue.
  • jinbe: As a good Fishman, he grew up in the fishman islandspecifically in the Gyojin district.
  • Nefertari I lived: It is not very difficult to know, in the Alabasta Kingdom. Specifically in the city of alubarna.

The Yonko and Ex Yonko

  • Shanks: We don’t know your island of origin, we may know more when they tell us about the Figarland family. Appeared in a chest stolen from god valley so it may come from that island.
  • Buggy: It originates from somewhere in the Grand Line.
  • Marshall D. Teaching: Blackbeard is originally from somewhere in the Grand Line.
  • charlotte linlin: Big Mom was born somewhere on the Grand Line until she was exiled to elbafwhere he grew up.
  • kaido: The strongest being of One Piece spent his childhood in the Kingdom of Vodka.
  • Edward Newgate: Whitebeard was born on Isla Sphinx.

Goal D.Roger

roger and ace one piece

The Pirate King, the most important character in One Piece history, was born in loguetownwhere he also died years later.

portgas d ace

Ace was born in the Baterilla Island in South Blue, where Portgas D. Rouge kept him in his womb for 20 months. After being born he was taken by Monkey D. Garp to Dawn Island, where he lived on the Mount Colubusa forest belonging to the Kingdom of Goa located near Villa Foosha.

With this you already know all the places of residence of these One Piece characters. There are many whose past has not yet been revealed and we do not know if it will be in the future.