One Piece: what nationalities would the Mugiwaras have in real life?

Yes, the Straw Hat crew members have nationalities and the creator of One Piece gave them.

The creator of One Piece has worked on his work to the point of giving nationalities to his characters. Find out so what parts of the world do the Mugiwaras come from ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A Frenchman in the Straw Hat Crew

One Piece fans will no doubt have noticed, the members of The Straw Hat Crew don’t really look alike.

And for good reason ! They come from different parts of the world. In the Shitsumon wo Boshu Suru 56, Eiichiro Oda thus reveals the nationalities of the Mugiwaras.

We then learn that, if he lived in our world, Monkey D. Luffy would be a Brazilian. Yes, you read it correctly!

Roronoa Zoro, his right-hand man, would come from Japan, and Usopp, the group’s sniper, from South Africa. Just that !

Nami, the navigator, is believed to be from Sweden, and Robbin, the archaeologist, from Russia. Unsurprisingly, Chopper would come from Canada.

Franky and Brook, who arrived later in the crew, would be American and Austrian respectively. That’s not all !

To the delight of French fans, the creator of One Piece also honored the country of gastronomy. It is also the cook of the group who represents him!

No, you’re not dreaming, Sanji does carry the tricolor in his heart. You have to believe that the Japanese see us as heavy cigarette smokers…

What makes the success of One Piece is also the richness of the work. Eiichiro Oda notably fed her many mythological elements. Eh yes !

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Netflix is ​​preparing an adaptation of One Piece

The most informed know it, Netflix is ​​preparing a live-action adaptation of One Piece. If some fans rejoice, others fear the fiasco…

Whether video on demand platform misses, it could then alienate a huge community. The manga stands out as the most popular of the moment!

However, Eiichiro Oda agreed and even works on the project. He ensures that his work is respected.

Netflix has invested more than 10 million dollars in each episode. Yes, you read it correctly! The first images prove that this money has been well invested.

We see ships in particular and they are absolutely magnificent! Not long ago, we discovered the face of the one who will play Shanks le Roux.

This is the famous British actor Peter Gadiot. The public knows him in particular for his roles in Yellowjackets, The Queen of the South and Supergirl.

Mexican actor Inaki Gadoy plays the role of Monkey D. Luffy.. We also find the Japanese Mackenyu Arata in the skin of Zoro and the Spaniard Taz Skylar in that of Sanji.

As for the movie One Piece Red, its release date is approaching! It will be released in August 2022 in Japan and will be released in the following months in the rest of the world.