One Piece: when is the manga coming to Netflix France?


Have you been won over by the Netflix wave too? The famous streaming platform actually has a very large number of users, and has spread around the world in an impressive way. And who says “international development” also says “great variety of content”. And it is from the land of the rising sun, Japan, that the program that interests us here comes to us: One Piece.

If you like this manga, you may regret not finding it on Netflix France. Here, we will therefore see when One Piece will arrive on Netflix France, but above all, we will take a quick look at the differences between the programs of the different libraries of the streaming service.

The differences in content on Netflix depending on the country

If you are a streaming enthusiast, you have probably not missed the fact that the American platform does not broadcast the same content in all countries. Indeed, depending on where in the world you are, Netflix does not give you access to the same programs. This is for example the case harry potter movies. What is the reason behind this finding? This is actually due to two main elements.

The first is simply the preferences of users in each country. If a program works very well in a given territory, the platform will renew its distribution, and this is particularly what happens with many successful series.

Otherwise, if a program is very little appreciated in a country, the streaming platform will probably choose not to broadcast any sequels, or similar content. The second element to consider is more of a legal nature. You may not know it, but to broadcast a program, Netflix must obtain the rights, and this, for each program in each country.

As streaming rights are granted on a country-by-country basis, this explains much of the disparity seen between Netflix libraries. When we know that this streaming service is present in nearly 200 countries around the world, we realize the extent that these differences can take. And One Piece is a program that is no exception to the rule.

One Piece on Netflix France: an upcoming arrival?

One Piece is a manga created by Eiichiro Oda, a Japanese mangaka, who first published it in 1997. It has since become the best-selling manga in the world, with nearly 500 million copies printed across the planet.

At present, more than a hundred volumes of One Piece are available, and adaptations of the manga are therefore numerous: games, derivative products, films, but also and above all an animated series. But then, if this series is available elsewhere, when will it be on Netflix France? This is the question that all fans of the series ask themselves.

Unfortunately, at present, no plausible or relevant answer can be given to this question. The release dates of hit series are often kept secret until the last moment, and no data worth relaying has been communicated by Netflix about One Piece.

In short, if you are a fan of One Piece and you are waiting for the anime to be released on Netflix France, taking your troubles patiently seems to be the only option. This seems all the more frustrating as the series is available in other countries.

One Piece is available on other Netflix catalogs

As we explained to you earlier in this article, the programs broadcast on Netflix in different countries around the world are different, and One Piece is no exception to the rule. So, despite the fact that the Japanese series is not available on the French catalog, there is nothing surprising that it is available elsewhere.

Indeed, Japanese users of the famous platform have access to the entire series, which represents more than 1000 episodes. But other countries also have access to One Piece on Netflix, such as Australia, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the United States or even Colombia.

However, in these countries, Netflix users only have access to some of the episodes, and not the entire series. Anyway, know that some Internet users have found a trick.

They use a VPN app such as ExpressVPN to change their location and bypass geoblocks. So that gives them access to Netflix libraries from other countriesincluding Japan, to view One Piece in its entirety.