One Piece: When is the next chapter of the manga coming out? The calendar that Oda and Shonen Jump have

The one piece manga It is a true odyssey full of feelings, a trip where you will be able to see Luffy and his Nakamas live adventures from his departure almost from home to the vast Grand Line where a good number of characters have been found that will remain marked in our hearts.

And it is that the magnum opus of Eiichiro Oda has collected throughout all these years a good number of fans who have gone from the anime to the manga, since they can not wait to see what will happen to the pirates after reaching the last chapter of the weekly anime of one piece.

However, the manga also arrives weekly And it doesn’t always come on a regular basis. These are the two main things that you should keep in mind to keep up with the One Piece manga:

  • Being a work that has been published for more than 20 years, from the first timeskip from the series the mangaka decided to take breaks from time to timenormally once a month in which the manga does not come out that week
  • The Shōnen Jumpmagazine where the chapters are published weekly, also take advantage of some holidays in Japan to rest and not release the edition in question that week to give a break to all the mangakas of the editorial

One Piece episode schedule

Next, you will see several chapters that have already left One Piece to give you an idea of ​​the calendar in addition to the dates of the next chapters. The chapters that have already come out will be crossed out, the current chapter highlighted, and the chapters that have not yet come out without highlighting.



chapter 1065

Sunday, November 6, 2022

chapter 1066

Sunday November 13, 2022


Sunday November 20, 2022


Sunday December 4, 2022


Sunday December 11, 2022

chapter 1070

Sunday December 26, 2022


Sunday, January 7, 2023


Sunday, January 23, 2023


Sunday January 30, 2023


Sunday February 6, 2023


Sunday February 13, 2023

The last chapter of One Piece was 1070 and it came out on Sunday, December 26, 2022. The next episode, 1071, will arrive next Sunday, January 7, 2023.