One Piece: When was Chapter 1060 released?

Many sites or blogs try to guess the release date of the new chapter of One Piece as the official release schedule is not an exact support. So, what happens in One Piece Chapter 1060 and when will it be released?

The summary of the events of Chapter 1059 to better understand One Piece Chapter 1060

One Piece Chapter 1059 is marked by Yamato’s (Kaido’s son) refusal to be part of the Straw Hat Crew. Indeed, after fighting the Navy Captain Ryokugyu, a holder of the Woodland Devil Fruit or the Uddo Uddo no Mi, Yamato became aware of the danger that Kaido’s disappearance from the land of Wano bushi can cause. Thus, he is going to help protect the island until Momonosuke Kozuki (Oden Kozuki’s son) can defend it on his own. Chapter 1059 also marks the end of the Wano Bushi arc and the beginning of the Hachinosu arc as Straw Hat Luffy managed to defeat Kaido and received the title of Sea Emperor.

Marco (former Whitebeard crew) also leaves the land of Wano Bushi after Luffy thanks him for saving her when rescuing his brother Ace in Marineford. While transforming into a phoenix, Marco told the mugiwara captain that Portgas D Ace would be proud of him and left. At sea, he sees the ship of Shanks le Roux’s crew. The two went for a few rides and at the same time, Shank, the captain of the Le Roux crew asked him to join him. Marco politely declined his offer and left.

At the same time, since the navy has abolished the title of grand corsair, several fleets have been deployed to capture all pirates who hold this title. The Navy began attacking Amazon Island, home to the former Grand Privateer, Boa Hancock, who said he wanted to be Straw Hat Luffy’s wife to avoid being captured by the latter. Captain Koby is the first to land on Amazon Island, followed by his subordinates. The pirates of Boa Hancock’s crew managed to stand up to him. However, the Blackbeard crew came to intervene. Marshall D Teach’s objective was to steal Boa Hancock’s Devil Fruit.

Blackbeard managed to take Hancock’s crew by surprise and grabbed the latter by the neck. With these subordinates turned to stone using her Devil Fruit, Hancock asked Koby to help her in exchange for which she will free everyone from the status state.

The situation changed with the arrival of Rayleigh who threatened Blackbeard and the Navy to leave Amazon Island and unleash Hancock and his crew. One of the warriors on the island, however, noticed that one of the pacifistas looked a lot like their pirate empress.

One piece chapter 1059 ends with the disappearance of sea captain Koby or his abduction by Blackbeard.

What does One Piece Chapter 1060 reveal?

In summary, here is what the contents of One Piece Chapter 1060 are:

  • In One Piece Chapter 1060, Oda Eiichiro, Manga Creator Finally Reveals Straw Hat Luffy’s Dream. This chapter does not mention what his dream really is, however, but details the reaction of his crew (Jinbe, Nami, Robin, Usopp, Zoro, Sanji, Chopper). However, fans of the manga believe that Luffy’s dream would have something to do with becoming the Pirate King and his journey around the world;
  • In this chapter, we can also see a call from Sabo, the leader of the revolutionary armies, with Dragon (Straw Hat Luffy’s father) who is intercepted by the Navy. Sabo details the fact that he did not kill the King of Alabasta, Vivi’s father. He also mentions the fact that he saw a person on the empty throne during the reverie and that he is in the kingdom of Lulucia. The call is however cut off after an object falls from the sky to wipe out the kingdom where Sabo is located;
  • The chapter is closed by the meeting of the Straw Hat crew with the pirate named Jewelry Bonney who has a bounty of 320 Million Berry. We can imagine with this end that the five elders will be at the center of the story.

One Piece 1060 New Chapter ‘Luffy’s Dream’ Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1060, titled Luffy’s Dream was released on September 16, 2022. For fans of Eiichiro Oda’s manga, there is a calendar that you can follow to know the possible release date of each chapter of the saga.

One piece manga is now starting its final arc, which is getting the fans of the manga excited when waiting for a new chapter.