One Piece: Who are the CP0 and what threat do they pose?

The CP0 is going to be a group of One Piece characters that will be relevant in the current saga of Eiichiro Oda’s manga and here we review relevant details

when a manga is so big that you can get lost remembering secondary characters that it has, the truth is that something is doing well. Despite whoever weighs, the manga of One Piece has supposed something incredible between the readers regarding the knowledge about their characters, since they always tend to generate a great impact in the community, waiting for the exact moment to see them again. This resource is something quite recurring in Oda and he has done it with several charactersboth good and bad.

A manga like One Piece becomes really famous for to be able to perfectly recognize everything they try to tell us and the magic that its characters give off is incredible, wanting to know more and more. Despite all this, this mangaka has us accustomed to filling ourselves with a lot of information as the sagas progress and solving everything. very little by little or leaving certain tracks until there is a final explosion. In the case that concerns us today, he has been leaving us on record since the Dressrosa arc.

We are currently in the last stretch that the series will havesomething that confirmed the author himself said this summer, and it seems that they go with all the meat on the grill. A very important detail that is taking place in the current saga and that has had a place in the manga for a while is the incorporation of the CP0 and today we want to review themsince it seems that they are going to have movement in the next chapters.

The One Piece Government and its specialized teams

To fully understand what this group is you have to go back to some enemies of the band that they had in Ennies Lobby. This is CP9, at which time we met a number of government groups that were acting to clean up and fix all your mistakes or try to deal with everything that compromised them. This came because the character of Nico Robin was wanted and captured by them, something that the band found out about in Water 7 and was the trigger to declare war on them, with a moment very epic from everyone in front of the tower with the flag of the government.

As if they were performing tasks outside the Navy, all these groups have their main objectives and a scale of power depending on the number they occupy. The group that we will be dealing with today is the CP0, a group that made their first appearance in Dressrosa where they would be seen as a group in white suits that obeyed the direct orders of the Celestial Nobles of One Piece, that social class that is above all. In this way, they presented themselves as a great threat since they obey orders from the alleged “untouchables” of this world.

One Piece - CP0

They are dressed in white and they will act using everything they can use, regardless of what type of method it is, since they seek to meet their objectives. Generally, all the objectives that they have to meet are summed up in leaving those Nobles and the Government in general well, so, knowing how bad they do in this world of One Piece, it cannot be said that they are going with the good ones. Little by little we have been learning details about them, since his first appearance didn’t reveal much else.

The place where you really they began to give more to talk about and that they were able to act more carefully was in Wano, since they were sent to eliminate Nico Robin, since they knew of his whereabouts there and the danger that he would gather all the information about the Poneglyphs. Regardless, the display Luffy displayed with his Force Awakening would make them think twice and the Gorosei made them switch targets, without getting anything fruitful in all of it.

One Piece - CP0

Thanks to his appearance within the Wano arc we could know the true secret of One Piece that all this guy has been around: the true origin of Luffy’s Akuma no Mi. This was something incredible for many fans and with the conversations that the CP0 had with his superiors, it was possible to conceive all this, something that we could have intuited laterbut that does not leave anyone indifferent, since it completely changes the concept of Luffy’s abilities.

with everything and with that It seems that this would not be the last time that we would see this group, since with the new saga that is currently in the works it seems that they are going to be an important point, since they have just acted and have started to mess it up. Being ordered by their superiors, both Rob Lucci, Kaku and Stussy will have to finish with all the bodies from Vegapunk and bring back Kuma’s seraphim.

One Piece - CP0

The villains of the current One Piece saga or a mere procedure?

At this point, and with all the spoilers, what we have discussed I do not think it is a surprise to anyonesince we want to believe that the one who has endured up to here knows something about the series, but both Rob Lucci and the Kaku that we have mentioned at the end are about the characters that were part of CP9. We wanted to make this clearer in case doubts arose, hence the great feat that Oda always achieves with the One Piece characters, from know how to reuse them as much as possible.

The truth is that with what has been seen from the last chapter, there is no doubt that we will be able to see a second assault between Luffy and Rob Lucci, something that surely many fans want to see with their new powers. Everything seems to be getting a lot more messed up in One Piece for close all kinds of plots and we can’t wait in order to know how all this related to Vegapunk ends, a long-awaited character. What do you think of all this?? do you think the CP0 has something deeper In hands?

One Piece - CP0