One Piece: Who are the Yonko? All about the pirates named Emperors of the Sea

one piece has become a sea of ​​emotions thanks to the events involving the Emperors of the Sea (also known as yonko). But who exactly are they and what is their role? Now we are going to talk in detail about these characters that are so important for the argot of the series.

“There are as many pirates as there are stars in the sky, and among them there are 4 pirates who stand at the top of them all. Those who dwell in the last half of the Grand Line and rule over others as if they were their emperors… are called the Yonko!”

Monkey D. Garp speaks for the first time about the Emperors of the Sea.

Precisely the Yonkō (“Yon” four, “ō” king/ruler = Four Rulers) is he term to designate the four most powerful and dangerous pirates for the consideration of the Navy, the World Government and other corsairs. Their mere existence forms part of a delicate balance of power in the world that – for years – has been balanced alongside The Navy and The 7 Pirate Lords (Shichibukai).

power beyond strength

Each of the Four Emperors (yonko) of one piece has been recognized as having all of the following characteristics:

  • Residence within the New World: They are partly the reason why the second half of the Grand Line (also known as the “New World”) is considered the most dangerous area in the world in one piece and very few people dare to enter this sea.
  • Territories under your care: The influence of his name and that of his crews around the world causes some islands or countries to avoid being attacked by other pirates in fear of reprisals. In some cases, the territories are also well protected or considered difficult to access.

Image: Toei Animation

  • Alliances with other pirates or organizations: Similarly, the influence of yonko causes other pirates or organizations to gather under his command. Their numbers become so great that they tend to split into factions led by a general or captain of their own.
  • Exceptional Strength: Whether by themselves and their crews, the yonko they possess overwhelming power to the point where other pirates, Marines, or World Government agents dare not challenge them in a direct confrontation, as it would lead to heavy casualties.

Image: Toei Animation

For all these reasons the yonko they also have the highest rewards of one piece, and their activity is frequently monitored by the most powerful forces of the Navy and the World Government; a battle or alliance between the Emperors of the Sea would result in great changes in the world order.

Which characters have received the title of Yonko?

  • Edward Newgate – “Whitebeard” (Shirohige): Although he was the oldest emperor, in life he received the title of “strongest man in the world” since his power was comparable to that of the pirate king himself, not to mention that the ability of his devil fruit is capable of destroying the world. Just to rescue Ace, Whitebeard was able to gather 1,616 pirates into 43 New World pirate crews, starting Marineford’s “War on the Hill”. Reward: 5’046,000,000 berries
  • Kaido “of the 100 beasts”: The captain of a crew made up solely of Zoan devil fruit users. Wano Country is under his control with more than 30 thousand men under his command. He is characterized by his cruelty and ferocity in fights, known as an invincible pirate in a “1 on 1” combat and that not even he has been able to find his own death, despite having been captured dozens of times. by the Navy. Reward: 4,611,100,000 berries
  • Charlotte Linlin – “Big Mom”: Pirate captain and Queen of Whole Cake Island, an archipelago made up of 35 islands where her 88 sons and 87 daughters live. The Big Mom pirates are known to have the best intelligence network in the series, even influencing the media and the underworld through the “Tea Parties” organized by the sea emperor. She possesses superhuman stamina that makes her invulnerable to “almost” all types of attack. Reward: 4’388,000,000 berries
  • Shanks – “the Red-Haired” (Akagami): To this day Shanks is a true mystery, but according to the higher ups in the Marines his crew is the most balanced in terms of power, so other crews (including Whitebeard’s men) pay their respects to the youngest Yonko in town. the list. Red Hair’s influence is so great that he is even able to hold an audience with the Gorosei (Heads of the World Government) without fear of being caught. Reward: 4,048,900,000 berries
  • Marshall D. Teach – “Blackbeard (Kurohige)”: Former member of the Whitebeard pirates and ex-shichibukai. Teach rose to the top of the pirate world after killing Whitebeard and stealing his devil fruit, becoming the only character in the series to possess “2 abilities”. His crew members (now major generals) are ex-convicts from the world’s most dangerous prison.. He also serves as the governor of Hachinosu Island. Reward: 2,247,600,000 berries

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“Below you will find information about the One Piece manga and the introduction of the new sea emperors just mentioned in chapter 1053 of the manga, so proceed only if you are ready to see a SPOILER as big as Zoro’s chest”

The outcome of the battle at Onigashima ended with the defeat of Emperors Big Mom and Kaido, leaving the positions of yonko two new characters who, due to their background, power and influence within the pirate world, were recognized as The New Emperors of the Sea.

  • Buggy – “the Star Clown”: The official reasons that led Buggy to become an emperor of the sea are still unknown, but right off the bat we can assume that this is thanks to his background as an “apprentice” on Gold Roger’s ship, his relationship with Shanks, the number of criminals who follow him blindly (hahaha) and because of that being the owner of the organization in charge of financing the underworld (Buggy Deliver’s). Reward: Unknown
  • Monkey D. Luffy: Luffy was making a big name thanks to the fact that he has been the only pirate to break into the 3 main facilities of the Navy and escape alive from them, in addition to being the captain of the “Great Fleet of the Mugiwara” made up of a diverse group of pirates. After the assault on Big Mom’s territory he received the nickname “Fifth Emperor” and after his victory with Kaido he acquired the official title of yonkonot to mention that the awakening of his devil fruit now poses a huge threat to the World Government. Reward: 3,000,000,000 berries


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