One Piece: Who is Luffy’s father and what is his place in history?

Moneky D. Dragon could play a big role in the franchise

Even though Luffy’s father is an infamous figure in the One Piece world, he could play an important place within the final arc of this work. Throughout more than 1,000 episodes, this series has established itself as one of the most important franchises. An important hallmark of Eiichiro Oda is that he always manages to achieve his arcs, there is no detail that escapes this mangaka, so it is surprising that the life of Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father, has not been developed until now. For now, the story is crossing the Wano Arc where the Straw Hats try to defeat Kaido and the Beasts Pirates.

After the Wano arc, One Piece will be much closer to its end, or at least, this has been mentioned by its author in repeatedly. So his fans are waiting for many of his characters to stop being a mystery and end up having closure to their personal stories. This is the case of Monkey D. Dragon of the Revolutionary Army and father of Monkey D. Luffy.

Who is Luffy’s father? One Piece gives us some answers. This character is, in turn, the son of Monkey D. Garp, the Hero of the Navy and the World Government. The Dragon family is well known throughout the universe created by Eiichiro Oda. For example, Garp is considered the greatest Marine of all time due to his fights with Gol D. Roger., the former pirate king and idol of Monkey D. Luffy himself. His legend is so widespread that he was also responsible for taking down Rocks D. Xebec and saving the world from this potential threat.

On the other hand, Moneky D. Luffy is among the most infamous pirates in the world, as well as looking up to his grandfather’s sworn enemy.. He decided his destiny: To become the next Pirate King and bring a new gold to the world, so far he has done an excellent job and maybe with his imminent victory against Kaido in Wano, he will be much closer to achieving it. But, for his grandfather and for the World Government, he is nothing more than a great threat to world peace and order.

One might think that Monkey D. Dragon would follow the path of his grandfather or his son to make a place for himself in the world, however, there is nothing further from reality in One Piece. Dragon is plain and simple considered to be the worst criminal in the world today. He is the founder of the Revolutionary Army, which makes him the biggest threat to the existence of the World Government.

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The terrible acts of Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father

Until now, we haven’t seen much of Dragon in One Piece, his participation hasn’t been leading, but one of his biggest impacts in the story is when he saved his son Luffy from being captured by Smoker. This incident took place in Loguetown and Luffy never really knew what happened: Judge VinSmoker knew Dragon and was surprised to see him there. He didn’t even know that Luffy and Dragon were family. Another important Dragon event takes place many years before the current story, when Sabo decided to set sail on his own, he was nearly killed by a Celestial Dragon, but Dragon managed to save him. Over the years, Sabo became the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army.

who is father luffy one piece

Dragon’s relationship with his family is largely unknown. At some point in his life, Dragon left his son in Garp’s care.. Despite this, he has a certain affection for him as he showed when he protected and saved him from Judge Vinsmoker. Although the best way to show his affection was not to abandon Luffy when he was still a child, Dragon prioritizes his goal more than his family. It is unknown what kind of relationship Garp and Dragon have, what would happen if they faced each other (something that seems inevitable)? For his part, Dragon trusts his father a lot, as he was not worried about Luffy’s education under the Navy Vice Admiral.

Monkey D. Dragon is a name feared throughout the world, your goal is to free the world from the clutches of the evil World Government. Dragon’s dream of bringing down the organization led him to the creation of the Revolutionary Army. Over time, the organization has grown stronger and for this reason, Dragon has been listed as the “worst criminal in the world”.

Dragon’s place in One Piece

Nowadays, the Revolutionary Army is made up of powerful fighters like Sabo, Koala, Belo Betty, Karasu, Morley, Lindbergh and Ivankov. With such strong officers, the Revolutionary Dragon Army poses a serious threat to the World Government. Dragon and company have already freed several islands from the World Government’s rule, which is an amazing achievement considering how much power this organization has in the One Piece universe.

who is the father of luffy one piece Dragon

During the Wano arc, it was revealed that something tragic had happened to Sabo, which could be developed by Eiichiro Oda in later chapters of One Piece. After hearing the news, Dragon decided that they would have to confirm it themselves, as it might be a ploy to lure out the Revolutionary Army. If something bad happened to Sabo, the Revolutionary Army will have to take action. They cannot risk losing such an important person and if they decide to move, the World Government will be on alert. This could potentially result in an all-out war between the two sides and there is no doubt that there will be many casualties.

¿Will he finally ally himself with his son, Monkey D. Luffy?? With how unpredictable One Piece’s history is, it would come as no surprise that Eiichiro Oda wanted to make him a major character in the final arc.

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