One Piece: Who is Nika ‘the Sun God’ and why is she so important?

Sometimes I think that I repeat myself like a parrot with the same affirmation, but it is that with the passage of time it becomes more and more accurate. one piece It is a work that despite being in its final saga continues to add all kinds of mysteries to resolve. The most interesting are those related to his lore and the Void Century, and during the Wano War a new character was introduced that will be very important in the future.

As seen in the episode 1040 from the Toei Animation series, in the middle of his fight against Jinbei, Who’s-Who asks his rival if he knows anything about a certain Nika “the Sun God”. Onlookers, like the mugiwara fishman, were stunned at the mention of this mysterious figure. If you follow the anime it will still take you a while to figure out why Nika is a key figure in One Piece, whereas anime readers already know where the shots go…

Everything that is known about Nika, the Warrior of Liberation

  • Nika He is a legendary warrior who has been adored by slaves and prisoners since time immemorial, since it is said that with his arrival will set them all free and it will put a smile on their faces😁😁😁
  • Who’s-Who learned of its existence by overhearing an Impel Dawn guard mentioning this story out loud; the next day this person disappeared without a trace, so it is understood that anyone mentioning Nika will be REMOVED by the Government🚷🚷
  • At the moment it is not known if there was a Nika as such, but what is official is that the Hito Hito no Mi: Nika model (the Gomu Gomu no Mi) allows you to inherit her powers and become her reincarnationπŸ‡
Luffy with his Gear 5, which gives him Nika’s powers
  • Therefore Monkey D. Luffy would be “the new Nika”the new God of the Sun that one day will free all those who are enslaved (perhaps in this case it refers to the servants of the Tenryuubito)πŸŒžπŸ‘’
  • The Gorosei has spent many years trying to get hold of this fruit and it is not yet known why, but considering that they changed her name and that they hid Nika’s name from everyone, surely this topic has direct relationship with the Empty Century❓❓

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