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The new One Piece movie trailer finally tells us who the mysterious singer is. We tell you all the info In this note!

The second trailer for the movie One Piece, One Piece Film: Red, is already among us and we can finally know who is the mysterious singer who appeared in the previous trailer. The first time we saw the character, we could only see a rough sketch and now we finally get a color and ending look at the mystery singer.

As revealed in the trailer, his name is uta and it comes from japanese kanji for song (歌), but can also be used for verb to sing (歌う, wow). From the beginning, fans realized that the character was going to have some kind of relationship with music. And now that we know his name, his design makes sense.

Another piece of information revealed by the trailer is that uta is the daughter of Emperor, so it is related to Shank the redhead. What is unknown is whether this relationship is blood or not. In the trailer we can also see that uta it is “the greatest diva in the world” and also that the wings he wears seem to be just part of his costume.

our dear Luffy also has something to say about uta. in the trailer, Luffy He says “If you know your daughter is doing this,Shank he will not stay calm!”. From what we see in the trailer, the relationship between Shank Y uta does not seem to be perfect, and it could even be said that everything uta is doing is to get the attention of Shanks.

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The preview itself shows us a kind of concert that gives Uta. And it seems that several characters from the series will go to this recital. Among some of these are Trafalgar Law, Bepo and Bartolomeo. From what we could see, it is very likely that uta steal everyone’s heart. With the simple fact of being related to Shankthe character already has a few points in his favor. One Piece Film: Red hits Japanese theaters on 6th August.