One Piece, who will play Luffy? The actors of the live series have been revealed!

The cast of the Netflix One Piece series is finally revealed! The live-action adaptation of the manga by Eiichiro Oda (whose hundredth volume will be published in France on December 8 by Glénat editions) will notably bring together Iñaki Godoy in the role of Luffy, Mackenyu (Zoro), Emily Rudd (Nami), Jacob Romero Gibson (Usopp) and Taz Skylar (Sanji)!

Currently filming, the series One Piece is created by screenwriter Steven Maeda. Fan of the original work, the latter obtained the blessing of Eiichiro Oda. Despite an overloaded schedule, the Japanese author commented on the rise of this cast in a message relayed by the official Twitter account of the series.

“We worked with Netflix and Tomorrow Studios on this huge project which is the live-action adaptation of One Piece! How many years have passed since the project was announced? I know, I know!

But rest assured that we have never stopped working on it! It’s never easy to work with people from different cultures. But it is precisely for this reason that we are preparing something special for you.

For now, we are able to announce the main cast! Apparently we had to hurry to announce it to prevent information leaking. Their face, the size of their mouths and hands, their aura, their posture, their voice, their acting skills, their size, their distribution within the Straw Hat crew etc …

We chose this cast after many discussions involving people from all over the world! Here are the interpreters of the Straw Hat crew! It will still take a little while to finish filming this series, but we will work hard to deliver the best series possible and hope it will be enjoyed by viewers around the world. Don’t miss the next announcements! “