One Piece: who will play the role of Shanks in the Netflix live-action?

The cast of the live-action One Piece, produced by Netflix, continues to be revealed. We finally know who will play Shanks le Roux!

One Piece Fans Are Eagerly Waiting the release of live-action on Netflix. After the Straw Hat crew, discover the name of the one who will play the role of Shanks le Roux ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Netflix’s risky bet

In front of the growing popularity of anime and mangamany video-on-demand services have moved into live-action production.

After Death Note and Cowboy Bebop, Netflix takes the most read and watched work in the world. You will no doubt have understood that this is One Piece.

Adaptation should thus see the light of day during the year. An appointment that fans are looking forward to! Even if some fear the fiasco…

And for good reason ! Few have made history… Difficult to transcribe the quality of a drawn workor animated, with real people…

Especially since these are often fantasticfilled with imaginary creatures and brimming with superhuman powers.

It is therefore a risky bet for Netflix which, in the event of failure, could alienate a huge community… Yes!

But the platform can still count on Eiichiro Oda’s support, the creator of the original work. Yes, he does work with the production.

The latter has also used drastic means by allocating $10 million each of ten episodes. Just that !

And they seem to be well invested. Recently, Internet users were able to discover the huge ships reproduced for the occasion. They are huge! And very loyal to those we know. MCE TV tells you more!

Peter Gadiot in the cast of the live-action One Piece

To embody Monkey D. Luffy, the main character of One PieceNetlfix turned to Mexican actor Inaki Gadoy.

At these sides, we find the Japanese Mackenyu Arata, the Spaniard Taz Skylar and Americans Emily Rudd and Jacob Gibson. They embody Zoro, Sanji, Nami and Usopp respectively.

We also know that Jeff Ward will play Buggy the ClownMcKinley Belcher that of Arlong, while Vincent Regan will appear in the guise of Garp.

But what about Shanks le Roux, key character of the manga ? To the delight of fans, his identity has just been revealed!

This is Peter Gadiot, the very famous 36-year-old British actor. The public knows him in particular for his roles in Yellowjackets, the Queen of the South and Supergirl.

While some are delighted with this choice, others don’t really understand it… Will the actor do justice to his character? In any case, that’s what the fans hope.

As a reminder, in addition to live-action, a new One Piece movie is about to see the light of day. His story will thus center on the captain of the Roux crew.

He will go out on August 6, 2022 in Japan, but no date has yet been announced in France. We let you discover the video presentation of Peter Gadiot.