One Piece: Whole Cake Island is still the best (and worst) of the series

A primera vista, Whole Cake Island de One Piece it looks like a wonderful fairy tale fantasy. The vast food-inspired architecture, bright colors, and sympathetic aesthetics are a sweet combination of elements that the eyes can feast on. The citizens of this island have many reasons to enjoy and benefit from a high quality of life, but it is undeniable that the island can be just as terrifying.

As deliciously attractive as it seems to live on the Island of the Whole Cake – or even the Land of Totto as a whole – that beauty can exist only on the surface. First of all, the rent is not paid with money. The price you have to pay to live in such sweet comfort would have to be a piece of your soul, equal to a month of your life … twice a year. Despite paying to stay here with their lives, the constant guarantee of the safety of these people will not always be present.

The citizens of Whole Cake Island have to contend with an insane and gluttonous ruler who cares little for the well-being of her residents. When Big Mom intensely craves a specific type of food, she enters a state called Hunger Pangs that is violent and powerful enough to wreak havoc throughout the city. This dangerous situation will always be lurking, striking at unpredictable moments. A calm and normal day for an inhabitant of the Island of Tarta can be ruined by Big Mama herself. It can appear out of nowhere and destroy everything, causing fear among people.

Another disturbing factor is that everything is alive. The entire Tart Island is surrounded by Homies – anthropomorphized objects, plants, animals, and buildings with souls born from Big Mom’s Devil Fruit abilities. Wherever you go, numerous pairs of eyes watch what happens. Not only is this potentially creepy, it can also be considered a complete privacy violation. Also, if someone is seen as an enemy, these Homies can work together to plan their death – the Straw Hats who were in the Seductive Forest know this firsthand. Those aren’t the only innumerable pairs of eyes that watch over one’s every move. There’s also Charlotte Brûlée, one of Big Mom’s daughters, whose Devil Fruit basically gives her access to every mirror in Totto’s Land.

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Big Mom has many flaws as Queen of Totto Land in One Piece, but there are also advantages to living in its territory. She is one of the Four Emperors, an obvious demonstration of how powerful she is. This includes his family and crew, some of whom can single-handedly defeat an entire island in order to gather ingredients for a tea party. With this, the citizens of the Island of the Complete Cake do not have to worry about safety and security (or, at the very least, being attacked by outsiders).

Another advantage of living in Totto Land is that almost everything is edible. Considering the architecture of the place, there is a wide selection of foods available to eat and drink. Residents will never go hungry again. Also, one of the admirable things about Big Mom is how she drives diversity and inclusion in her nation. After all, he wants it to become a perfect world in which all races happily coexist. Despite being a generally selfish person in One Piece, this can be considered a redemptive factor.

Living in the land of Totto may seem like a happy musical, but there is a sinister twist underneath. Sometimes ignorance is a blessing, or the pros can outweigh the cons. In any case, anyone thinking of staying on Isla de las Tortas should think twice. Because who knows, he might immediately regret it, and with a rule like Big Mom’s, there is no going back.