One Piece: Why Chapter 1044 Has Fans Going Crazy?

It is not usual to see this type of reaction with one piecesince the fanatics who follow the fiction of Eiichiro Oda are accustomed to confronting each other every few minutes with script twists that are not seen coming from anywhereas well as dealing with star appearances, spectacular transformations and powers and endlessly opening arcs to keep the main story full of “side” moments ideal for filler to spare.

However, with manga chapter 1044which is not yet available but there are users who have been able to read it without problems, it has been Monkey D. Luffy’s arc that has made fans clap on Twitter and other social networks about what happened in the new pages out of Oda’s imagery. Here we leave you with some of them so you can see what we mean:

Emotion is falling short

Eiichiro Oda has given an impressive turn to One Piece for a simple reason, which is what makes chapter 1044 a true wonder. It is discovered that Luffy, of course, is still alive and that the World Government has been searching for the Straw Hats captain’s Akuma no Mi for 800 years. Hard work since it seems to have a will of its own.

At that moment it is revealed that Luffy’s fruit is not the Gomu Gomu no Mi. All this time our favorite pirate par excellence had to his credit the Milestone Milestone no Mi: Model Nika, the God of the Sun. That is to say, that we had lived deceived all this time. But the best of all is not only that, because it is confirmed that Luffy has reached Gear 5his maximum power to date and possibly the highest in strength that we will see for a long time, because the pages of Oda have just marked a before and after.

What does this mean for the narrative?

Seeing that Eiichiro Oda can make this type of changes and turns with great precision and success, without the need for everything to be forced, it is possible that we will soon have more jumps of this type and that one piece has only begun to play with the real past of the characters and the rest of the Straw Hats. What will be next?