One Piece: Why Does Blackbeard Never Sleep?

To this day it is not at all clear which antagonist character will assume the great responsibility of becoming the final villain of one piece. Luffy has been making many enemies during his journey, and the truth is that apart from Akainu, the pair formed by Im and blackbeard They are the ones with the most ballots to win this role. Both figures are surrounded by much mystery.

In the past I already dedicated an article to one of the best known theories about the possible great secret of Marshall D. Teach, and in it I mentioned a detail that could be more important than many think. Did you know that this pirate never sleeps? How can this be?

One of the many mysteries surrounding Blackbeard

  • In one of the flashbacks in which Oden’s journey with the crew of Gol D. Roger is narrated, Oda showed us the moment when Shanks and Buggy met Teach🤝🤝
  • Buggy commented to his redheaded companion that Teaching hadn’t slept at all in the past two days, and even that it was rumored that NEVER got to sleep💤❌
  • This statement raised many questions among the One Piece fandom, so As a result, all kinds of theories arose. about the character🧠❓

possible explanations

Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, has not yet shed light on this matter., so for now we can only hold on to the speculation of avid readers. Here are some of the more interesting explanations:

  • Teach comes from a snowy country: In a drawing made by Oda we see a very young Teach crying while looking towards the moon and sitting on top of some snow. This could be related to a comment Luffy made on Drum that said that “the people of the snowy countries could not sleep, otherwise they would end up dying”.⛄💤
  • The theory of the three brothers: One of the most fascinating theories of all One Piece is the one that affirms that Blackbeard possesses three fruits of the devil because in reality they are three people. These three entities could be interchanged naturally, so when one is tired another replaces itY this would explain why he does not need sleep to recover🕴🏼🕴🏼🕴🏼💤.
one piece
Drawing created by Eiichiro Oda himself

The truth is that I too I am one of those who believes that Oda-sensei wanted to give us some clue with his drawing of Blackbeard as a child.. If Luffy is directly related to Nika the Sun God, so too it is very likely that Blackbeard is with “The God of the Moon” (although it is not known if such a person existed). There is also the issue of snow on her feet, which could be something key. What do you think of this?