One Piece: why Pudding is a key factor in Blackbeard’s master plan

A couple of years ago Eiichiro Oda introduced a new character who gave a lot of talk due to the relationship he established with Sanji. pudding She is a character that stands out much more than others for various reasons, such as her powers or because she is the daughter of the fearsome Big Mom. However there is a detail that perhaps many have ignored and what could it be extremely important for the outcome of one piece.

In the last chapters of the manga it is said that after a battle in Whole Cake between Germa 66 and the Big Mom pirates, pudding was kidnapped in a mysterious way Some time later it was revealed that the person responsible for the abduction was aokiji, the former Navy Admiral who is currently in league with Blackbeard. What exactly are these two up to?

Pudding is one of the keys to finding One Piece

  • that we know, the only way that exists to navigate to Laugh Tale and find the One Piece is deciphering the four Road Poneglyph that are scattered around the world⭐
  • The only person capable of performing such a feat is Nico Robin (which is why she is persecuted by the World Government), so Luffy is leading the race to find the great treasure.
  • Nevertheless Blackbeard seems to have a grand plan on his hands in which Pudding is a key factor.❗❗
  • In the Whole Cake arc it is revealed that being a mix between a human and a member of the three eyed tribe, Pudding can awaken a special ability that would allow him to read the Road Poneglyphs.❗❗❗
  • In this way Blackbeard would not need to face the Straw Hats in order to take over Nico Robin, but Pudding can assume that role as soon as he activates his latent power✅
Pudding is kidnapped by Aokiji

We still need to know the way in which Teach intends to find the other Road Poneglyph and the way in which he could awaken the gift of Puddingbut taking into account that on more than one occasion he showed that he is smarter than he appears, it is to be assumed that he has everything planned.

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