“One Piece”: why the broadcast of episode 1000 is a historic event

The animated adaptation of the famous manga passes this weekend an important milestone with its thousandth episode. A historic event that marks the apogee of Wan Land, a narrative arc much appreciated by fans.

This Sunday is not a Sunday like any other. It’s a historic day, as seldom happens in a fan’s life. It is this Sunday that the long awaited episode 1000 of the animated series One Piece has been diffused. An episode particularly awaited by fans, especially as its broadcast was accompanied by the officialization of a new film, One Piece Film Red, which will be released in August 2022 in Japan.

Released since October 20, 1999, the animated adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga, which follows the adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat crew, exceeded this milestone just a few months after the publication of the thousandth chapter and the hundredth. tome. Interviewed a few days before the broadcast of this episode, the videographers Kamal & Kyta, who dissect each chapter of the saga on YouTube, testify to the fervor with which the fans awaited this famous episode.

“I’m almost 25 years old and yet I feel like I’m still twelve,” Kamal laughs. “This thousandth episode reminds me a lot of things: when I started YouTube to talk about One Piece, the very first volume that I read… I am very nostalgic. It’s really specific to One Piece to feel that nostalgia. “

Episode 1.000 is scheduled this weekend in 80 countries. In Tokyo, a long poster representing the main characters of the manga adorns the ultra-busy Shibuya station. Fans from Europe, the Middle East and Africa tackled the world record for selfies on a platform launched by the producer, with 20,000 photos set against a western-style wanted poster. More than a hundred cinemas of the CGR network are planning a “marathon” of screenings in France and Benelux.


The enthusiasm aroused by the broadcast of episode 1000 can also be explained by the quality of the current narrative arc, The Land of the Wa (Where Wano Kuni). Luffy meets there the warrior Yamato, of whom he will become an ally. There he also faces the terrifying Kaido of the hundred beasts, presented as the most powerful pirate in the world. This extremely charismatic character, with the appearance of a bull, impresses many by his strength, against which Luffy struggles to impose himself. Over the course of this clash, revelations about Luffy follow one another, making this arc one of the most breathtaking in the series.

If the chapter 1000 of the manga had disappointed the fans a little by its absence of shattering revelations, the episode 1000 should please them more. “It will adapt Chapter 989 and allow the Mugiwaras to be reunited,” Kytaro said. “The episode will in particular adapt a very nice double page spread by Eiichiro Oda where the Mugiwaras meet for the first time in ten years in the same box.” With The Land of the Wa, the animated series has also recovered, with an extremely neat animation, points out Kamal:

An extract from the arc "Wano" from "One Piece"
An excerpt from the “Wano” arc of “One Piece” © ADN

“It is mainly thanks to Toei Animation which took seriously One Piece because of competition from other Japanese series [L’Attaque des Titans, notamment, NDLR] which are on a new seasonal format while One Piece remains broadcast on a weekly basis. They also decided to hire Tatsuya Nagamine, the director of One Piece Z. This made it possible to bring the anime of One Piece after several seasons of shortness of breath. This is really a new series of One Piece. It’s a renewal! “

“Kaido is scarier in the manga”

A true complement to the manga, the anime One Piece Also won unanimity for his ability to transcend certain aspects of Eiichiro Oda’s story, which plunges Luffy into an ancestral Japan. If the anime obviously takes some liberties, it was able to restore the atmosphere of Wano Kuni, an arc imagined by Eiichiro Oda “like a real kabuki play, made up of several acts”, specify the two videographers.

“All his puns, all his inspirations from Japanese mythology and the history of his country will be represented in the series by the music, by the sound, by the images. Oden Kozuki’s music is unforgettable”, Kamal notes. “Since it’s an arc that echoes the history of Japan, they went all out!” Kytaro adds.

Yamato in "One Piece"
Yamato dans “One Piece” © ADN

For them, the manga is still superior in certain aspects. The paper Kaido is thus more frightening than the animated Kaido. “I would always have a preference for paper,” Kamal agrees. “He’s scarier, more violent, and more brutal in the manga. The adaptation, which runs Sunday mornings, is aimed at a younger audience.” “What matters in the anime is that it is much more alive,” admits his brother Kytaro. “The seiyu (voice actor) breathes life into him in a fantastic way and in the last few episodes Kaido has finally earned his acclaim.”

The festivities around One Piece don’t stop there. The hundredth volume will be published on December 8 in France and 2022 will mark the 25 years of the manga. But 2021 will truly remain the year of One Piece, recalls Kytaro: “Next time there is such an important year for One Piece, it will surely be 2027, for the 30 years, because I think that it will be the year in which will end One Piece, but that’s just theory … “