One Piece: Will Blackbeard land on Egg Head? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 25 Nov 2022 at 11:00

Could Blackbeard land on Egg Head, the island built by the brilliant Vegapunk? Some thoughts make us think so!

The Egg Head arc is now well engaged. The Mugiwara not only landed on the island, but they also met the genius Vegapunk, who began to reveal his secrets – whether his 6 avatars, or how he dispatched his brain to create the island where knowledge is transmitted. Yet, in all this beam of news given to us, there is surely nothing more important to us than the discovery that the knowledge of Ohara is still very much alive, since the great library found itself on Elbaf, and Vegapunk completely assimilated it. It is thus today the essential key to opening the way to Laugh Tale. An essential key for Luffy obviously, but also for his ultimate rival: Blackbeard. What justify the arrival of the latter on the island?

Vegapunk, a mystery turned big hype

Indeed, Luffy risks with this discovery to take a big step ahead of his competitors in the race for One Piece. And we saw that Oda didn’t want to leave Teach too much behind, since barely Luffy, Kid and Trafalgar in possession of the copies of three Poneglyphs, he put Blackbeard on the path of the surgeon of death, so that can retrieve this information.

We therefore imagine that he will continue to have Luffy stalked by Blackbeard, and that the whimsical emperor will somehow learn what is happening on Egg Head, scavenging him to run in that direction.

Will Blackbeard take Lilith on board?

We can well imagine Teach doing as often, and trying to retrieve important information when he will have to make the least effort. He could thus recover, for example, one of the 6 avatars of Vegapunk just after a battle, and seek to extract the data from it. And as we know Blackbeard’s taste for pretty girls, we can see him kidnapping Lilith!