One Piece will change character designs for its new movie

They are preparing the movie One Piece: Red and we will see the band of the ‘straw hat’ with another quite impressive aspect.

fans of one piece they must be very happy, since the manga and anime are still in top form, they are also preparing an animated film and Netflix will do a live action series. So it can already be considered the most popular Japanese saga in the world.

For now, the movie One Piece: Red is shrouded in mystery, but at least we know that the creative producer will be the original creator of the manga Eiichiro Oda. In addition, the heroes will receive a quite impressive update in their costumes, here we leave you the video with the images:

What do you think? The look is really great and although we don’t see it in color, it sure hits us even more on the movie screen.

What will the story be about?

For now we have few details of the plot, but we know that the director will be goro taniguchi (Code Geass) and the script is from Tsutomu Kuroiwa responsible of One Piece: Gold (2016).

As for the history of One Piece: Redmuch has been speculated that it will be about Shanka quite enigmatic character but who is very important for the manga and especially for the main character Monkey D Luffy. Since she saved him as a child and inspired him to become a pirate. In addition, they have confirmed that they will add a new female character at the request of Eiichiro Oda which will be fundamental, but we don’t know if they will only use it in the movie or if we will later see it more times in the manga / anime.

For now, One Piece: Red is scheduled to open on August 6 in Japan. But since there was a hacker attack in Toei Animationthat date could change, and its premiere in the rest of the world has been stopped.