One Piece will change its logo and it intrigues manga fans a lot

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of One Piece, the manga logo will be slightly modified, temporarily. Nevertheless, its visual means a lot of things and particularly intrigues fans. We will explain everything to you.

The longevity of One Piece

One Piece is a major and dominant work in the manga universe. Eiichiro Oda’s creation thrills millions of fans around the world. So much so that the One Piece community is one of the most represented on the Internet. Every week, when a chapter is released or an episode is broadcast, One Piece is at the heart of all the debates. If for a month the anime has been on hiatus due to a more serious hacking than expected, One Piece episode 1014 will be back on April 17.

A relief for fans of the most popular manga in history. A title awarded surely thanks to the quality of the narration, the charisma of the characters, and all that, which has lasted for a long time, for 25 years to be exact. To celebrate this quarter century, the Weekly Shōnen Jump which has been publishing One Piece since July 22, 1997, announced that the emblematic logo would be modified for the occasion. An announcement that intrigued many observers of the manga.

The logo gives a clue about the movie Red?

The One Piece logo will therefore temporarily change. A first visual has been unveiled and shows the legendary scene where Shanks gives his straw hat to Monkey D. Luffy before he starts his adventure in search of the legendary treasure of Gol D. Roger to become the king of the pirates. Probably a nod to the next movie RED which will center on the story of the mentor of our favorite hero and emperor of the seas, Le Roux.

July 22, 2022 will then be the day of commemoration of the creation of One Piece. A logical decision to come and congratulate all the people who have been working on this huge project for so long. This obviously reflects an emotional success since millions of people grew up with One Piece but also a commercial one since it is the best-selling manga of all time with 500 million copies sold. A stratospheric figure that exceeds cult sagas like Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings.