One Piece will give a special announcement in a few days

Through a publication in the account of Twitter of the franchise one pieceit was announced that “something would happen” next Monday, March 28, the word “confidential” can also be seen on the right side of the notebook, so we will have to wait for a possible special announcement about the franchise.

The tweet says the following:

March 28 ── Something happens.

one piece

The One Piece manga, written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, began publication in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from the publisher Shueisha since July 1997. A few weeks ago it was reported that the work reached the figure of 490 million copies in circulation.

In the year 1999, one would be released adaptation to the anime which is currently still in issue and is made up of 14 movies, different OVAS and specials. The study of animation Toei Animation is responsible for the production of the anime under the direction of Konosuke Uda.

Synopsis of One Piece:

Wealth, fame, power… one man had obtained everything in this world, he was the Pirate King Gold Roger. Before he died, his last words inspired the world to venture out to sea: “My treasure? If you want it, it is yours… I have hidden everything in that place». And so began what is known as the Great Age of Piracy, throwing hundreds of pirates into the sea to find the great One Piece treasure. This series recounts the adventures and misadventures of one of those pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, who accidentally ate a Devil Fruit (Akuma no Mi in Japanese) as a child, in particular a Gomu Gomu no Mi that made his body gain the physical properties of rubber, becoming the rubber man. Luffy, after this event, decides that he will become the next King of the Pirates and for this, he must find the «One Piece».