One Piece will have a little hiatus before the final showdown

It seems that the climax of Sanji’s fight has finally arrived.

One Piece broadcast on Crunchyroll its highly anticipated 1,000th episode and to celebrate, Crunchyroll has released a special filter. However, it seems that the celebrations of this great franchise will have to stop for a week, as reported Dual Shockers (With information from Weekly Shonen Jump), Chapter 1036 will be delayed for a week.

For its part, One Piece chapter 1035 was one of the best of the entire series of this Japanese manga, mainly due to the revelation of the face of King, the fearsome villain that Zoro faced. Also, after a long battle, Sanji has successfully defeated Queen, one of Kaido’s highest ranking subordinates.. However, we all know that the battle against the tyrant of the country of Wano has just begun, so the next chapters will feature more surprises.

Fans are hoping that One Piece Chapter 1036 will be released on Sunday, December 26, 2021. However, Weekly Shonen Jump is on hiatus this week., so you will have to wait until the first weekend of 2022 to enjoy this long-awaited fight. But what do we know about this new installment?

We know well that Eiichiro Oda is known for taking short breaks after releasing some manga chapters, this serves so that he can recharge and recover. The Japanese publishing industry can be very hard on your health. However, this time it is a different reason. This week the WSJ is on hiatus due to the Christmas celebration. But, thanks to the account of Twitter OroJapan1, we have a small preview of One Piece # 1036.

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What awaits us in this next installment?

Thanks to OroJapan1, we know that the title of One Piece chapter 1036 will be: “You must find a warrior in death.” ** In addition to this, Zoro will defeat King, Kaido’s powerful subordinate **. On the other hand, Rokki is guarding the front of the underground arsenal, so it will be Yamato’s job to confront him.

In addition, there will be a new fight between hands: Usopp fights against enemy attacks, unfortunately his allies O-Kiku and Kinemon fall. Then, Izo enters the scene to help them escape. Elsewhere in the great castle, Raizou and Fukurokuju are trapped in bondage techniques and cannot move.

one piece 1036 retraso

The best part of One Piece Chapter 1036 will be Luffy’s fierce fight against Kaido. We will see how they are having a conversation about each Hokkaido rupee. At that moment, Kaido will be hit by Luffy’s devastating rubber attack.. The shock makes both of them fall, the fight rages on. Finally, they both wake up laughing. Luffy says: It’s getting fun !! and Kaido replied: Me too !!!

Where to read One Piece chapter 1036?

One Piece Chapter 1036 is available for free on Viz Media and Mangaplus. However, we strongly condemn the use of anime streaming or manga reading on an unofficial website.. Every week a new chapter is published.

One Piece Chapter 1036 is now scheduled to release worldwide on Monday, January 3, 2022.. You can read the next chapter for free on Viz Media and MangaPlus. However, you need the Shonen Jump membership on Viz to unlock the rest of the chapters.

Fortunately, as of this writing, there is no confirmation that Chapter 1036 will be delayed any further.. So you can expect to read the next chapter next week.

one piece 1036 retraso

In Japan, One Piece Chapter 1036 will be available to read at midnight JST (Japan Standard Time) January 4, 2022. However, the launch time may vary by region. So, here is the exact launch time of the next chapter for these time zones.:

  • Pacific Time: 7 a.m. M. (January 3)
  • Mexico City Time: 9 a.m. M. (January 3)
  • Eastern Time: 10 a.m. M. (January 3)
  • British Time: 3 PM (Jan 3)
  • European Time: 4 PM (January 3)

Finally, we have finally revealed the new costumes of One Piece, in the panel presented in the Jump Festa, an annual event organized by the publishing house Shueisha to promote Shonen Jump, a manga magazine that has featured the work of most of the world’s most popular anime and manga franchises since its first issue. For all this, it seems that a great season is coming for fans of this franchise.

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