One Piece: Will Kaido and Big Mom appear again in the final saga?

As I have commented on more than one occasion, the one piece manga said goodbye to the Wano arc (the longest to date) to make way for his final saga, which began with the Egg Island arc. Even though Eiichiro Oda hasn’t published too many chapters on this new island, he is surprising readers with all kinds of important disclosures.

In addition to this, many really important characters from the pirate universe of the work are appearing lately, such as the Yonkou, the shichibukai, the World Government or the Revolutionary Army. But what happened to Kaido and Big Mom?, Will they reappear at some point? I’m here today to give this issue some spin.

Next I will comment on some issues of the manga that are SPOILER for all the people who only follow the anime. You are warned.

What happened to Kaido and Big Mom after Wano?

  • The official version we have at the moment is that both Kaido and Big Mom passed away during the Onigashima War✅
  • Oda showed us how they fell to an underground lava lakeand since they were probably unconscious, it could almost be ruled out that they could somehow escape❌
  • Even Pudding, one of the daughters of the former Yonkou, assumes that her mother died in Wano (according to a leak in chapter 1064).
  • However I think we should take into account a fact very important, and it is that until now, Luffy has never killed any of his opponents.
  • Years ago Oda declared that Luffy did not take the lives of his rivals because it seemed much harder for him to completely destroy the ideals of each one. of them, something that we have seen throughout One Piece⭐
  • So what about Kaido? Will he be the first character to die at the hands of the protagonist of the series? If Oda decides not to break his golden rule, that means that this man will return in the future (or at least it will be indicated that he is still alive)⌛

What do I think about this topic?

Personally I think that this time yes, that both Kaido and Big Mom died in Wano at the hands of Law, Luffy and Kid. I have a hard time thinking that both yonkou could escape from a lava lake after being completely defeated, and if they had, their injuries would have to be deadly. But of course, with One Piece you never know…

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