One Piece: Will Kozuki Oden’s Revenge Realize?

It seems that the awakening of Luffy will bring great consequences to the saga

This article will contain spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1044 known until March 24, 2022if you want to read the manga on your own, we invite you to be aware of its launch by MangaPlus by Shueisha. The most significant new information concerns Hiyori and Orochi’s confrontation, which will almost certainly end in revenge for the Kozuki clan.

We recommend that as soon as you have a chance, you read One Piece Chapter 1044 as this is one of the most momentous of the entire series, if not the most, and the additional spoilers further prove this fact. The first thing we discover is the revenge of the Kozuki clan and the awakening of Luffy’s power with which he will have his final fight against Kaido.

One Piece chapter 1044 begins with Luffy speaking, although the perspective is not close enough for viewers to see. He wonders what happened and how he can get up if he had lost his life so recently, he says that he feels “very uplifted” by all this and starts laughing. As he speaks, we can see black Conqueror Haki beams emanating from his body, even in the distance.

Also, we switch to the perspective of Zunesha, who is still with the World Government ships on the seas near Wano. Momonosuke is also seen here, looking up at the Skull Dome rooftop, visibly upset and shaking. He questions out loud if Joy Boy is actually Luffy, prompting Yamato to ask if this is what Zunesha said.

What happened to CP0 in One Piece

Shortly after we see the “Room of Authority” of Pangea Castle, where the Gorosei are gathered. One of them wonders aloud if achieving his goals is worth losing an important CP0 agent and upsetting Kaido. The dreadlocked Gorosei replies that it’s worth it, considering what recent events in Wano may lead to a major change in the world order. Swordsman Gorosei intervenes here, saying that the World Government has tried to regain control of the Gomu-Gomu no Mi throughout the ages. Somehow, however, the Fruit always escapes, and he too ends his statement with “It’s been 800 years”, likely referencing the last time the Fruit was Awakened.

The Gorosei with the big beard and mustache says that it’s almost as if the Gomu-Gomu Fruit ran away on its own. The Gorosei, with a spot on his head, says that it is possible since the Zoans have a mind of their own, adding that the Fruit also has the “name of a God”. He and the blond Gorosei then reveal that the fruit’s true name is the human-human Zoan mythological fruit, model: Nika. As they say this, a magnificent double page spread appears showing Luffy high up in the sky against the full moon. His silhouette is identical to Nika’s, excluding the weapons in the latter’s hands.

The sound of drums continues and a close-up of the silhouette of Luffy’s face makes it clear that he is laughing. The Gorosei continue talking as the close-up occurs, explaining that the Fruit’s owner’s body has the properties of rubber. They say he can fight any way he wants, making people smile wherever he wants him to go. They nickname him the “Liberation Warrior”, they also call him “The God of the Sun”, and they say that Awakening the Fruit gives the user even more strength and freedom. They end by saying that he is hailed as the most “ridiculous” power in the world.

One Piece Chapter 1044 then returns to the Treasure Hall, where Orochi is still trapped under rubble and stabbed, he begins by trying to convince Hiyori that he also respected and loved Oden, saying that Kaido used him selfishly. He says that they should run away together and asks her to remove her needles before she cuts him off. Hiyori reminds Orochi that his father kept his promise, danced like a fool for five years, and believed that he and Kaido would keep their end of the bargain.. She continues, saying that she endured the burning oil and the embarrassment, remaining happy the entire time.

Kaido cuts off Orochi’s head without saying a word.

This causes a flashback, where Hiyori asks Oden if he is happy with everyone’s negative opinions of him. He says yes, since he has his family by his side. She replies that they should stay together forever as the flashback ends and she fades into the present. Orochi continues to praise Oden, clearly trying to curry favor in his presumed last moments. While praising him, Hiyori interrupts, proudly declaring herself a member of the Kozuki clan and telling him to keep quiet. She says that even when times were tough, he proudly behaved like a Kozuki, and calls him a pathetic fool who shouldn’t be Shogun for a day..

Noticing Hiyori’s anger, he tries to beg her not to take revenge, saying that she is not very popular nowadays and that she has no chance of defeating Kaido without him.. A diminutive version of Kazenbo appears, telling Orochi that he failed. The latter then tells him to burn Hiyori to death, calling this turn of events a “tragicomedy” and saying that this is the “luck of the fittest”.

In a surprising turn of events, Kazenbo crawls towards Orochi, lighting him up and causing him to burn violently. Hiyori looks at him defiantly with tears in her eyes, quoting her mother’s words and telling him that dawn will come. He asks for her help, but she responds by saying that the Kozuki clan always keeps their promises to her.

The big fight in One Piece 1044

One Piece chapter 1044 returns to the rooftop of the Skull Dome, where Luffy’s silhouette against the moon is still seen. He says that he feels that he can do whatever he wants, saying that his heartbeat sounds very funny and that this is the peak of his. He calls this new form his Gear Fifth. Back on the Live Floor, a massive blast of the Conqueror’s haki comes from the rooftop, followed by the ability’s signature black bolts. Kaido looks worriedly up at the ceiling, wondering what could be up there. Clearly, he’s still under the impression that Luffy is dead..

In another double page spread, the roof begins to crumble as Luffy’s arms appear through the hole. They are huge, capable of grabbing a dragon-shaped Kaido completely without difficulty. Everyone present looks on in shock, and Chopper even cries with joy that his captain is still alive.

Luffy easily pulls Kaido onto the roof, with the latter’s eyes popping out in a very cartoon-like fashion. He then builds up his muscle mass, spinning his dragon opponent around at such a speed that it makes his eyes bulge out again in a cartoonish fashion. Then our straw hat pirate starts banging Kaido’s body back and forth on the ground, finally letting go. The latter emerges with a bump on his head, clearly dizzy as indicated by the stars around him. Luffy can’t stop laughing as Kaido begins to thank the Straw Hat for being alive.

Luffy then grabs the ground with his hands, stretching it and turning it into rubber in the process. Bolo Breath hits the ground, but can’t destroy it since it’s rubber and just sits there. He now reverts to his muscle-enhanced form and pulls off the ground, launching Bolo Breath at Kaido in the process. The attack makes contact with its original caster and explodes, presumably dealing heavy damage. luffy. The body is then seen complete and clear, its physical appearance being the same as always.

His hair now looks like flames, and around his neck and arms is a necklace of steam seen in Gear Fourth form. Her eyebrows are now curled, similar to Sanji’s, and her pupils have changed to resemble those of Im-sama, Zunesha, Mihawk, and Hakuba. As Kaido emerges, Luffy laughs non-stop as Gear Fifth officially and formally introduce themselves.

One Piece: Will Kozuki Oden's Revenge Realize?

In the final moments of One Piece Chapter 1044, Kaido apologizes to Luffy for what happened, saying that he was stupid and that he didn’t want to win like this. Looking at his opponent with a smile and determination on his face, he tells him not to worry about it, before saying that they should get this over with. This manga ends, confirming that there will be no break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1044 full spoilers also provide additional and welcome information about Luffy’s Awakening and Gorosei’s discussion. They both provide great context for just how important and powerful Luffy’s Awakening really is in the big world of One Piece.

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