One Piece: Will Luffy find the One Piece before the war against the World Government? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 30 Oct 2022 at 10:10

Won’t the discovery of One Piece by the Mugiwara be before the great war against the world government? A fairly realistic assumption!

Things are accelerating in One Piece, with a finale that is starting to dawn on him – Eiichiro Oda believing that the end of the work should arrive in three years. The time to reveal most of the remaining secrets, like that of the fruits of the devil, but also to make us live the last great moments expected from the saga. And in this bag, there remain two major arcs for the Mugiwara, namely the great war against the World Government and Ym-sama, as well as the discovery of One Piece. Given the very title of the series, one would normally expect that the discovery of the ultimate treasure closes the work. However, when we take a good look at what is happening, it may well be that Luffy discovers the One Piece first, which would allow him to then lead the great revolution against the Tenryubito.

The Mythical Power of World Government

Indeed, we can see that currently, in the last chapters, the narration of Oda has turned completely towards One Piece. Shanks thus announced to his crew that it was time to carry out this quest, whereas several pirates (Luffy, Law, Kidd) have several copies of the poneglyphs – and that Blackbeard should also soon have the information. It now seems clear that the last great race for the ultimate treasure is on, and that Luffy may well arrive on Laugh Tale before even taking on the World Government.

Make the World Government finally vulnerable

But beyond this narrative reason, there also seems to be a deeper reason, which has to do with the mad power of the World Government and Ym-sama. They have indeed been seen to be able to annihilate Lulucia in a single movement. There is therefore a good chance that the minions of the Gorosei are in possession of an ancient weapon: Uranus.

A disproportionate power that still seems to far surpass what Luffy and the other pirates are capable of. They will therefore have to learn to master the ancient weapons to which they can have access (Poseidon with Shirahoshi, and Pluto on Wano Kuni). Likewise, the secrets of the Hito Hito no mi model Nika will be useful for Luffy to surely know Ym-sama’s weaknesses.

Finally, knowing that the war against the world government will be a revolution on the whole planet, it will be necessary for the revolutionaries and the pirates to involve all the population behind them. And to do this, knowing the history of the missing century, which will expose all the crimes of the Tenryubito, should be a necessity. A story that the Mugiwara will surely learn on Laugh Tale.

So, is One Piece not so far away?