One Piece will release a special Tamagotchi of your favorite reindeer Chopper

A collaboration between Bandai and One Piece will release the “Choppertchi” in February 2023.

Being One Piece one of the biggest franchises in the world, it is not surprising that they decide to launch some curious products to pay tribute to the favorite characters of their extensive fan community.

Although in the past we have seen a large number of products alluding to the series, from tiny figures, backpacks, and clothing and footwear lines, at this time One Piece decided to go a step further and make a collaboration that no one expected.

A Chopper’s Tamagotchi

Recently, the toy company Bandai has issued an announcement about their collaboration with One Piece to release “Choppertchis“, a unique and limited version of the Tamagotchi which will allow players to raise the reindeer Chopper.

In an official TMGC_net tweet it is announced that the Choppertchi will hit the shelves of the world on February 25, 2023. Namely, the Tamagotchi will be available in two different versions that fans chose through a survey in early 2022. “Chopper’s Memorial Color” and “Chopper’s Special Color” will be priced at approximately 2,750 yen (equivalent to $19) and its design is quite unique considering that, in contrast to other Tamagotchi releases, it has an anime theme.

Another difference that the Choppertchi will have is that unlike most that start the player at the birth of their new pet, the Choppertchi starts from when Chopper leaves his mentor Hiriluk behind and faces the real world to become into a great doctor.


General functions of Choppertchi

Of course, those of us who like One Piece know that Chopper is an adorable character, so the news excited many fans who are already waiting for the release date to buy their own Tamagotchi and be able to raise the reindeer in their own way.

Between game modes, the Choppertchi will allow fans to feed Chopper special treats in true One Piece style; for example, cotton candy sandwiches or meaty bones. In the same way as other Taqmagotchis, this version will also have mini-games that give the player “gotchi” points that can be used in the future to buy various items. The reindeer will even be able to receive visits from other members of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew, including Zoro and Luffy. Also, something that characterizes this collaboration over another is that Chopper can take different forms once he becomes an adult, depending on how the player has raised him, such as the Kung Fu Point, Heavy Point or Guard Point, among others. plus.

But the good news about the Choppertchi does not end here, since Bandai also will release the Tamagotchi Smart One Piece Special Set on November 23 this year. The difference, apart from the other version, is that this release will include a Tamagotchi smart unit, which means that you will practically have a more advanced smartwatch version of the Tamagotchi, with its respective One Piece-tinged strap and the updated “One Piece Friends”.


Likewise, this other version of the virtual pet device offers its players a series of classic creatures of the brand that can be characterized as the main characters of One Piece. On the other hand, the “One Piece Friends” update will add additional graphics and other mini-games that are inspired by the adventure series. Although this latest package is priced at 9,020 yen (almost $62), those who already have the Tamagotchi Smart will be able to purchase a memory card containing the content of “One Piece Friends” for just 1,496 yen (US$10).

While fans are waiting for these versions to arrive in their countries to play with the adorable Chopper, they are simultaneously waiting for the outcome of the last great story arc. In addition, we are on the eve of the premiere of the One Piece: Red movie (the fifteenth in the franchise), which will hit theaters in Canada and the United States on November 4, later, the next day, in New Zealand and Australia.

We will have to wait a little longer to find out what will happen to Luffy’s new powers and find out what his true dream was as a child. Things for One Piece are getting intense.