One Piece will start its biggest fight in episode 1018

One of the most anticipated events in anime one piece has reached our screens, since it finally started the biggest fight in anime to date, and luckily, they have shared a first glimpse of what awaits us in the next episode, the long-awaited Episode 1018 of the anime series, where we will finally be able to see the war put into action in Onigashimaas the worst generation now he is fighting two of the emperors on the roof of SkullDome after several episodes have been spent building to this point.

Now, the anime team has gone the extra mile to impress the fans with every phase of this fight so far, but it’s really just starting from this point on, as this is a major development point for this fight. the series, and now that since the 1000th episode there have been big changes within the studio, they want to show off with this great fight.

This new episode of one piece officially began the fight against the two emperors, plus it also reveals how wide the gap in strength between the two sides is, as Luffy and the others had unleashed everything at their disposal, but the emperors only get more excited at the prospect of the fight, which means the fight will only continue to progress from here as long as Luffy and the others try to figure out how to deal real damage against their tough foes.

The episode 1018 from one piece its titled “Kaido Laughs! The Emperors of the Sea vs. the New Generation!”and as the title suggests, the fight between the two sides will be fully unleashed, because while Luffy and the others started their attacks, really just Kaido had responded with his own attacks while Big Mom he used to take random shots from the outside, but now, the two of them will go into full action.

So this can only mean that it will be an even more difficult fight to overcome for Luffy and the others, which means that there are even more things to consider as the fights continue to increase in pace and intensity, which is just what fans are looking for in this anime title.