One Piece: Will the animated series resume? And especially when?

news culture One Piece: Will the animated series resume? And especially when?

While the One Piece series was shut down several weeks ago due to Toei Animation being hacked, fans were still waiting to find out when it would resume. We now know.

The studio Toei Animation had been hacked on March 6, and had been forced to interrupt the broadcast of its series. Indeed, following the cyberattack, the studio was afraid that leaks would take place, especially about the scenarios of their series. We now know when they will resume their broadcast.

One Piece resumes next week


We will resume broadcasting new episodes from Sunday, April 17.

April 10

(Best-of Wa Land Arc) Episode 1013 “Yamato’s Past. The Man Who Wanted the Head of an Emperor!”

April 17

(New) Episode 1014 “Marco’s Tears. Whitebeard’s Crew Bonds!”

I am really sorry.

Thank you.

The March 6 episode, 1013, titled “Yamato’s Past. The Man Who Wanted the Head of an Emperor!”, will air on April 10. Concerning the new episodes, Toei announced that One Piece Episode 1014 will air on April 17. The following episode, 1015 titled “Straw Hat Luffy. The Man Who Will Become King of the Pirates!”, will air the following week on Sunday, April 24.

The other series resume the same weekend

(About resuming broadcasting)

Thanks for watching Digimon Ghost Game.

The broadcast of new episodes will resume on April 17.

We are very sorry for the wait.

Thank you for your continued support.

But it’s not just One Piece that is affected by this recovery. The spread of Digimon Ghost Game will resume on April 17 too. During the weekend of April 16 and 17, two other Toei Animation series will also resume: Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai and Delicious Party Precure.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero for the end of June?

If the resumption of the series is good news, the hack still leaves several questions unanswered. Indeed, we do not know when will be postponed the theatrical release of the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Originally scheduled for April 22, the feature film was to release three days before two light novels adapted from the film. We do not know when the film should be released with this schedule turned upside down due to piracy. But we now know that the light novels will be released on June 30so we can imagine that the film will be released shortly before.

Toei Animation’s anime series will resume on the weekend of April 16-17. The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie could hit theaters next summer.

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