One Piece: Will Toki reappear at the end of the Wano Kuni arc? – melty

By sydney

– Published on May 31, 2022 at 16:18

What if Momonosuke and Hiyori’s mother returns at the end of the war, allowing us to provide some clues about the forgotten century, and to understand the reason for her time travel?

The story ends well on Wano Kuni. After the dantesque fight between Luffy and Kaidô, the country of samurai is finally free, and will be able to live again with a Kozuki at its head. A result wanted by Oden, but also Toki, who sent his son to the future with half of the guard of the Red Scabbards in order to protect him. A Toki whose last appearance was in front of the clan’s burning castle, in order to curse Orochi and promise him just punishment. She simply disappeared behind, without anyone knowing exactly what had happened to her.

A strange situation, which could have an astonishing outcome, with its reappearance.

Oden and Toki work together

Indeed, we must remember that Toki comes from the hidden century, 800 years back. A peculiarity that has no kind of meaning if it were not to be exploited – and therefore, to allow to know some information about this time thanks to the testimony of Oden’s wife. But in the flashback on the life of the latter, nothing has filtered. It could thus be that Oda reserves the first of the reservations for the end of the arc, with a Toki reappearing in front of his two adult children. A hypothesis that would not be surprising, since it travels in time at will. Which would also explain his disappearance at the time of Orochi’s takeover.

Information, but what?

However, if Momonosuke’s mother came back to the fore, we should not expect to have exceptional information on the most important questions of the manga – the D., the One Piece etc… Such an avalanche of revelations would mark the end of the series, which still has several years to go. Toki should therefore be a normal resident of this time, and only be in possession of some interesting information. She could also corroborate what is written in Oden’s diary, which will soon be read by the Mugiwara, a diary of which we recall that the “most crucial” pages have been torn out, as Momonosuke reveals in chapter 1041 .

And you what do you think ?