One Piece: Will Vegapunk survive the Egg Head arc? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on Nov 22, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.

Will Vegapunk, hero of the Egg Head arc continue the adventure with the Mugiwara, or is he more likely to “disappear”?

Vegapunk has opened up many fields of possibilities in One Piece in recent weeks, with the discovery of its true face, but also of its particularities. The man with 6 avatars and with a monstrous brain connected to the entire island holds in his hands the knowledge of Ohara, the only clue to the forgotten century known in the world outside of Laugh Tale. Suffice to say that he suddenly became a danger for the World Government as big as Luffy / Nika or Monkey D. Dragon. And contrary to the latter, its future seems hardly assured. When he tells the leader of the revolutionaries on the phone that he doesn’t have very long to live, is he telling the truth?

Will Monkey D. Dragon see his old friend die?

As mentioned, Vegapunk’s lore makes Egg Head the hottest spot in the whole new world for the World Government. And if for the moment, he was able to stay alive, it was simply because he had hidden what he knew from the rest of the world. However, he chose with the arrival of the Mugiwara to finally give himself up – as if he knew that his secret would not last long. Similarly, with the arrival of CP-0 and on Egg Head, we can say that Ym-sama’s henchmen have learned quite a bit lately about what Vegapunk could be hiding. So we have an alignment of the stars for an end of the greatest scientist of One Piece?

After Egg Head, what use for Vegapunk?

It must also be said that the usefulness of Vegapunk beyond this arc, during which he will reveal all his secrets, is quite doubtful. Oda has also announced that he will now tell everything about the many mysteries of his saga. One can imagine in this context that he no longer has the time to develop characters beyond what is required for his narration.

And an explosive finale for Vegapunk would be an emotional AND useful moment for the series!