One Piece without padding: how to watch the manga, according to this guide

If you want to start seeing one pieceone of the Japanese anime that has more than 1,000 episodes, captivates millions of people around the world, and tells the story of the teenager Monkey D. Luffy, who wishes to become the King of the Pirates, continuously without any type of filler that can make you lose the thread of the fascinating manga, this is possible.

It is important to point out that the fillers, chapters that do not completely affect the main plot, in animes are not bad, however, as stated in some forums specialized in these series, they can distract or lose the entire thread of the series. a story. one piece He is not saved from it, but to the joy of his fans, these intermissions are quite a small amount compared to other Japanese installments.

In this note we will help you to see one piecewithout fillers, so that Monkey D. Luffy’s story can be seen without distractions.


There is no magic formula or application that allows you to skip the fillers of one piece, or any other Japanese series. Unfortunately, the process is mechanical, but that does not mean that it is complicated or impossible to perform.

One of the ways to see the more than 1,000 chapters of one piece without the fillers, it is identifying what these halftimes are and manually skipping them.

This is a list of episodes that contain filler in one piece and that you can skip without the worry of missing something really important from the anime:

  • Chapters 54-60
  • Chapters 98-99
  • Chapter 102
  • Chapters 131-143
  • Chapters 196-206
  • Chapters 220-226
  • Chapters 279-283
  • Chapters 291-292
  • Chapter 303
  • Chapters 317-319
  • Chapters 326 -336
  • Chapters 382-384
  • Chapters 406-407
  • Chapters 426-429
  • Chapters 457-458
  • Chapter 492
  • Chapter 542
  • Chapters 575-578
  • Chapter 590
  • Chapters 626-627
  • Chapters 747-750
  • Chapters 780-782
  • Chapters 895-896
  • Chapters 907


According to the forums of specialists and fans of one piecethe fillers do not add much to the original plot of the story created by Eiichiro Oda, however, they include secondary stories and fun moments that are worthwhile and never hurt to review them.

On the other hand, some fillers, although they do not necessarily provide any important data in history, can be important in the sense that they commemorate a special date of one pieceas is chapter 907 that served to commemorate the 20 years of the anime.


Created by Eiichiro Oda, “one piece” appeared for the first time as a manga in the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump (1997) and to date it has been compiled into 102 volumes of 200 pages each, books that by April 2020 had already sold 470 million copies worldwide. . This is the story of the teenager Monkey D. Luffy, who wishes to become the King of the Pirates. For 25 years, Luffy has been getting into impossible messes that usually consist of overthrowing dictators; where he is always victorious.

Luffy has superhuman powers since he ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which gave him the ability to stretch like a bubble gum and which he uses in combat. He is accompanied by nine crew members, all with some kind of superhuman ability or techniques necessary to survive in the world: Zoro (swordsman), Nami (navigator), Sanji (cook), Chopper (doctor), Robin (archaeologist), Franky (carpenter) , Brook (musician) and Jinbe (helmsman).

one piece” is melodrama, but with action and mystery. Epic fantasy with political intrigue. Scatological comedy, but set in a detailed world with a life of its own. And since July 2022, when he turns 25 years old, his final manga saga begins.