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When a manga is adapted into anime form there are always things that get lost, and One Piece was not going to be the exception. Although the case we are talking about has to do with an aesthetic detail of one of its characters and is nothing less than Yamato.

In the printed original it already has a present time, but when it comes to the animated adaptation it does not take much to say. And someone noticed a difference regarding his hairstyle within the series.

Yamato and the matter of his hair in One Piece

Most likely haven’t figured it out. But a user of Reddit, The Jaded Emperor, made a comparison between the appearance of Yamato in manga and anime.

In the first one you can see that his hair is a small highlighted lock. It is not as obvious as those of other characters in said media, where they even move as if they were antennas. It is what is said in English cowlick or swirl, an upright section of hair.

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At other times it is also applied at a different angle to the style of the rest of a person’s hair. The fact is that the character designer of One Piece It occurred to him to eliminate this whirlpool from Yamato.

Perhaps that way it is easier for the animation team to draw it. Don’t forget that Toei Animation is constantly working on creating new episodes every week. Any savings in time and effort are worth it.

They discover difference of Yamato in the manga and anime of One Piece

Was it stirred to save time drawing it?

That can be somewhat disappointing for fans hoping for an exact translation of what is seen in the manga. Especially in the case of Yamato, which has had a great reception.

But after the great animation that the Wano Country Arc anyone might wonder if it is worth complaining. Toei has put several of his best animators to work at this stage of the series and it has great visual quality.

Although some suffer from rhythm problems, but anyway. Right now you can imagine that the studio has something big planned for episode 1000 of One Piece.

We say it because of how much it has been promoted. It is a special moment for anime and we hope it is well managed. Nothing would be worse than wasted with some hindsight or filler content. It should be an episode that will be remembered very well in the future.