One Piece: You are not ready! The best episode is coming

What if the One Piece anime hadn’t peaked yet? This is what a reputable insider in the community suggests. The anime’s best episode would be fast approaching.

As of this writing, the anime One Piece already has 1062 episodes and the next will be released on May 28, 2023. Eagerly awaited by millions of fans ready to discover the rest of the adventures of the Straw Hat crew and consorts, it will also be watched by manga readers. However, these already know more or less what awaits them, gold episodes “fillers”, since the shonen is necessarily ahead of its adaptation. We strongly advise you not to read the following lines if you have managed to dodge the spoilers around Luffy and his new form so far, because it is said: the best of anime is coming. Be ready.

The best episode in the history of One Piece for soon ?

Ever since Eiichiro Oda unveiled the Gear 5 technique, Luffy’s awakened Devil Fruit form allowing him to gain increased strength and agility, fans have been eager to see this in the anime. If you know very well the universe of One Piece, you probably know that this shape has technically appeared on screen before. This was indeed the case in One Piece Movie: Red. Nevertheless, fans question its canonicity. But then, when will we see Gear 5 in the anime? On forums and on social networks, fans are already sharing their more or less dubious estimates. They evoke in particular episode 1070 and the month of July.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a precise answer to give you, but it seems that the fateful date is seriously approaching. The production of the episode would thus be well advanced. So much so that some would already be able to estimate that it will be simply incredible! In any case, this is what Pewpiece indicates, a insider who is starting to become well known within the manga community. According to his sources, This episode of Gear 5 will be the strongest/biggest episode in One Piece history! Not just in 2023!. »

On Twitter, fans are debating what would earn him this title more ” big episode in the history of One Piece. Art direction and animation should probably play a key role. Difficult to comment on the question, without having more details. And speaking of debates, you should see the one raging around the straw hat unveiled for the live-action series. One Piece on Netflix…