One Piece: Zoro’s 5 Greatest Strengths (And His 5 Worst Weaknesses)

Roronoa Zoro was the swordsman of the Straw Hat pirates in the universe ofOne Piece. He has proven his strength time and time again, from opponents as trivial as Hachi to as amazing as Pica. Each battle has helped him grow as a person and as a warrior.

Despite Zoro’s legendary ability, his weaknesses define him as much as his strengths. By identifying his flaws and contrasting them with his strengths, fans can better determine whether he is worthy to succeed Mihawk and fulfill his dream as the world’s greatest swordsman.

10 Weakness: Zoro can be extremely petty and arrogant

Zoro and Sanji’s rivalry often makes him seem petty and arrogant. He sets off at the slightest provocation and gets into a scuffle at the most inappropriate times (like in the middle of a Davy Back Fight).

Furthermore, Zoro refuses to acknowledge any of his flaws or when he goes out of line. Fortunately, considering that his judgment is better than that of most of his peers, his inability to correct his behavior does not lead to disaster.

9 Strength: Zoro defends his friends no matter the cost1641896067 202 One Piece Zoros 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Zoro is willing to defend his comrades even at great personal risk. For example, he protected Usopp against Jabra and Kaku even though the sniper had already abandoned the Straw Hat pirates. He also defeated Hachi despite being recently seriously injured by the world’s greatest swordsman, Mihawk.

Additionally, he saved Chopper from being killed by Ohm after his grueling battle against Gedatsu. Ultimately, Zoro’s fighting skills and devotion make him an extremely reliable friend, and half the crew probably wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for his efforts.

8 Weakness: Zoro has an over-reliance on his swords1641896067 879 One Piece Zoros 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Zoro relies more on his weapons than practically any other member of the Straw Hat crew, except possibly Nami. Virtually every technique in his arsenal requires at least one blade, although the strongest require three (with a weapon impractically wedged between the teeth).

However, Zoro is not completely powerless when unarmed. He managed to perform reasonably well without a sword during a Davy Back match, though noticeably less so than other weaker members like Sanji or Chopper. He would be better off working to become a warrior and not just a swordsman.

7 Strength: Zoro is remarkably durable1641896067 865 One Piece Zoros 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Zoro has amazing durability for someone who doesn’t have a devil fruit. In addition to surviving Oars’ attacks in Thriller Bark, he endured every last one of Luffy’s injuries and lived to tell the tale. He even stayed on his feet after Sanji found him.

It was not the only case of his resistance. Zoro also survived a direct attack from Eneru, which could unleash up to 200 million volts of electricity. As a result, he is one of the most tenacious members of the Straw Hat, second only to Franky and Luffy.

6 Weakness: Zoro is haunted by his past1641896067 282 One Piece Zoros 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Kuina was Zoro’s training partner and best friend during childhood. The girl was his first real rival and pushed him beyond what he believed to be his limits. However, she died in a tragic accident, leaving him deeply lost and dissatisfied.

It is clear that Zoro’s past haunts him as he can’t help but remember his friend every time he sees Smoker’s subordinate Tashigi. This shows that she has never gotten over the death of her friend, especially since she never had a chance to become a talented swordswoman as she had trained.

5 Strength: Zoro possesses Herculean levels of strength1641896067 31 One Piece Zoros 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Zoro’s superhuman strength is reserved for his strongest opponents. The first time he showed it was by taking down Mr. One in Alabasta, despite his robust build and steel body.

With the benefit of Weapon Haki and Mihawk’s training, Zoro was powerful enough to tear Pica apart during the battle for Dressrosa. This was especially impressive, as the villain had used his devil fruit and the area around him to become as wide and tall as a mountain. If Zoro applies himself, there is almost nothing he cannot cut.

4 Weakness: Zoro’s pride gets him in trouble1641896068 977 One Piece Zoros 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

One of the defining characteristics of Zoro is his refusal to back down from a fight. When Mihawk came to the Baratie to take down Don Krieg, Zoro knew he had to challenge him for the right to become the world’s great swordsman.

However, Zoro was out of his reach and was completely humiliated. Mihawk won using just a small dagger without any noticeable effort. Zoro will wear the scar that marks his defeat for the rest of his life.

3 Strength: Zoro has excellent teamwork skills1641896068 844 One Piece Zoros 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

When necessary, Zoro has impeccable teamwork skills. Along with Sanji and the other Straw Hats, he managed to repel Hody Jones’s hordes of Fish-Man and protect Shirahoshi and King Neptune. He showed similar effectiveness in Foxy’s Davy Back match, where he and Sanji outpointed a stronger enemy team despite playing under a corrupt referee.

He was also decisive in the battle against Oars, in which he ripped the giant’s arm off with a single brilliant attack. Although the Straw Hats couldn’t win without Luffy’s help, Zoro’s presence ensured that they all came out alive and in one piece.

2 Weakness: Zoro is constantly lost1641896068 774 One Piece Zoros 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Zoro’s most debilitating flaw is that he has a horrible sense of direction. When you don’t explicitly travel with a crew member, you are hopelessly lost.

This was first demonstrated in the Syrup Village, where he was late to fight the Kuro pirates due to taking the wrong route. It was also a problem at Sabaody, where he misremembered the big tree tags and accidentally bumped into Charloss. If not for Jewelry Bonney’s help in faking her death, it would have caused an incident possibly worse than the one Luffy did.

1 Strength: Zoro is so fast that he can come out after images of himself1641896068 829 One Piece Zoros 5 Greatest Strengths And His 5 Worst.webp

Zoro’s speed is as impressive as his strength and durability. During the battle for Enies Lobby, he was moving so fast that it seemed like he had multiple arms at once.

Despite Kaku’s training as a CP9 agent, there was no way he could anticipate the swordsman’s blades. As a result, he was shot down and left for dead in the ruined Tower of Justice. Zoro was also quick enough to take out a small army of mercenaries at Whiskey Peak without waking up his crew at first.