One Piece:

mayumi tanaka has been the voice of the protagonist (Monkey D Luffy) for practically 23 years since the anime of one piece began airing 23 years ago, and now that we’re so close to the finish line, this prestigious seiyu (voice actress) has revealed her wish for Luffy to be the last character she dubs in her career.

This happened during an interview with the voice actress within the program Seven Ruleswhich also served to promote the movie premiere One Piece Film: RED. Here below we can see a promo of the chapter that was broadcast last August 9 in Japan.

Mayumi Tanaka, who has dedicated at least half of his 44-year career as the voice of the lead in one piece, said he wants his race to end with Luffy. The seiyu think that as far as gender Shōnen it refers to “he has already given everything he could give and done everything he had to do”.

However, the above statement does not mean that this veteran actress is retiring from entertainment, since what now he seeks is to venture into the world of theatera stage that will allow her fans to meet the person behind the voice of such a famous character.

“Despite my age, I want to remain a ‘girl’. I want to keep growing and I wonder how many years I can still do it. I am the person who plays him, but the amazing one is Luffy. That’s why now I want them to see me, somewhere there is the feeling of wanting to see a show in the flesh “

Photo: Seven Rules

Mayumi Tanaka has not only consolidated her career playing the captain of the straw hat pirates; Another of his most remembered characters are Krillin from Dragon Ball. Despite this, his will is to stop when the Straw Hat’s adventures come to an end.


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