One Piece’s Big Void Century Reveal Is Incredibly Disappointing | Pretty Reel

One Piece finally reveals the truth about the show’s biggest mystery, the Void Century, but this huge moment is actually kind of disappointing.

One Piece fans have been waiting to hear the truth about the Void Century for two decades, and when the big reveal came it was incredibly disappointing. The story told by Dr. Vegapunk in chapter #1066 only confirms what fans of the show already knew about the Void Century and what the previous chapter already revealed, which sounds like a disappointment.

The Void Century is one of the central mysteries of the One Piece saga, a period of time, 800 years before the start of the series, of which no historical or archaeological records exist. Research into the Void Century is banned by the World Government, the highest authority in the world of One Piece, officially to prevent the emergence of information about ancient weapons, instruments of mass destruction created in the past. However, Nico Robin’s flashback revealed, in chapter 395, the truth discovered by the scholars of Ohara. A “Great Kingdom” existed before the Age of the Void, an advanced civilization that was wiped out by an alliance of twenty nations that later became known as the World Government.

All of this information was revealed in Robin’s flashback through Professor Clover’s words, before Ohara was wiped out by the Buster Call, leaving Robin as the sole survivor. According to a spoiler thread on Reddit, in the upcoming One Piece Chapter #1066, Dr. Vegapunk reveals to the Straw Hats the truth about the Void Century, but it’s the exact same information readers already knew from Clover’s words. . Vegapunk says that a great conflict took place in the Empty Age, between the Great Kingdom and the Twenty Nations, and the latter formed the World Government and erased all traces of their enemy from history so that the ideas of the Great Kingdom would not live.

One Piece’s Empty Century Reveal Confirms What Fans Already Knew

This is nothing new to One Piece readers, however, it must be remembered that the Straw Hat Pirates knew nothing about it, except for Robin, who however no longer has access to the knowledge of Ohara. It was therefore necessary for the main characters of the story to discover this important secret, even if the readers were already aware of it. The only new detail is that the scholars of Ohara found evidence that the Great Kingdom was technologically very advanced and even searched some of its machinery, but the truth about One Piece’s sci-fi technology has already been revealed in the previous chapter, #1065, so again this is nothing new for readers.

The conflict between the Great Kingdom and the World Government during the Empty Age has so far been speculation. Dr. Vegapunk’s lyrics confirm the truth behind this and indeed begin to lift the lid on the show’s most important mystery. However, for One Piece fans who have been waiting to learn the true story of the Void Century for nearly two decades, Dr. Vegapunk’s reveal can’t help but feel a bit underwhelming.

The latest chapter of One Piece is available via Viz Media.