One Piece’s cliffhanger sets a major trap for Big Mom. ⋆ JAPANFM

Big Mom played an interesting role in the Wano War. The Sovereign of Cake Island has taken on enemies and allies alike, but it seems the Yonkou has hit a wall that she will not be able to break through facing the combined forces of Kid and Trafalgar Law. Although she has formed an alliance with Kaido, captain of the Beast Pirates and current ruler of Wano, the truce is fragile to say the least and shatters when Mom realizes that Wano’s armies have plundered one of the lands she loves. .

Warning . If you haven’t read the final chapter of One Piece, Chapter 1030 yet, you might want to steer clear as we’re going to dive into some serious spoiler territory.

Law and Kid have always been the two most powerful members of the Worst Generation. The two swordsmen once again supported Luffy in his attempt to free the borders of Wano Country. With Law having the ability to teleport objects through his Devil Fruit and Kid having the ability to rely on magnetism to create a giant metallic arm, among other things, the duo created the perfect move to seemingly defeat. Big Mom.

Big Mom did a bit of ping-pong from one opponent to another but found his account with these two members of the Worst Generation as Law manages to deliver a sneak attack that saw his blade pierce his neck. As strong as Mom is, this attack isn’t enough to defeat her, but Kid manages to magnetize Big Mom in the process. Using his mastery of magnetism, Kid causes a large number of Onigashima’s steel beams to propel themselves towards the Yonkou and the chapter ends with Kaido’s former ally trapped under a veritable ton of steel.

We’re not sure Big Mom died from this attack or is even out of the fight that engulfs the isolated nation, but it looks like she has serious opponents on her hands if she seeks to take out her enemies under pressure. form of Law and Kid.