One Piece’s final war has officially begun

The battle that will decide the fate of the world is coming.

Luffy from One Piece in a samurai outfit

It is no surprise to anyone that One Piece is in its last stagethus giving rise to the fact that for more than 20 years fans of the anime and manga created by Eiichiro Oda have been waiting for the end of the adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat crew in the Grand Line, while the World Government aims to be the ultimate enemy of pirates In this play.

And it is that, from what has been seen in the recent chapter of the One Piece manga, 1070 to be exact, Kizaru, who could see Awakening of the Logia Devil Fruit very soon, he is heading to Egghead Island to face Luffy and his friends in order for them to doctor Vegapunk does not become an ally of these.

Kizaru might be one of the few characters that could stand up to Luffy’s Gear Fifth.

And before this it must be said that the coming battle is highly anticipated by the fans, since it is speculated that Kizaru is among the characters that could face Luffy with Gear Fifth. However, to this we must add that in the world of One Piece the Emperors of the Sea have always kept the World Government at bay in view of the fact that these could cope with them perfectly. However, it seems that this fear no longer exists.

Be that as it may, the consequences of this departure to Egghead Island suppose a declaration of war on the members of the Straw Hat crewthus becoming an even more dangerous enemy than Kaido, so everything indicates that the meeting is going to be epic for fans, especially for those who remember the humiliating defeat that Kizaru provoked in the Straw Hats in the past, being to date the character that could have ended everyone without too much difficulty.

In any case, stay tuned for 2023 as this year promises to be one that will get One Piece fans quite excitedso Oda is expected to live up to expectations both to solve the mysteries that remain pending and to show us epic battles.