‘One Piece’s live-action looks incredible’, says the creator of Luffy and company

The live-action of “one piece” is one of the most important projects in the entire history of anime, and I am very serious. We all already assume that Eiichiro Oda’s work is a titan that is read and seen by millions all over the world, and it is completely true, but It is no less true that there are always people who do not dedicate a single moment to anime. In the end, everyone has their tastes, and that is why if this live-action manages to be a proper adaptation, it could open up the franchise to unprecedented success in the industry..

Eiichiro Oda thinks One Piece live-action looks crazy right now

Well, if one takes into account recent comments about it by Eiichiro Oda himselfit seems that at least to this day the live-action of “One Piece” is moving in a ‘proper’ direction (via NewWorldArtur):

  • To begin, Eiichiro Oda comments that for now they already have all the basic footage of the first season from the live-action of One Piece. 😀
  • It also ensures that there has been an awful lot of work behind the scenes to make everything flow. I assume in relation to the strange powers and abilities of the One Piece universe that they must somehow be extrapolated to the live-action recreation in question. 🤯
  • Oda-sensei also adds that without a second’s hesitation, the person most worried about this live-action going well is clearly himself. Secondly, think you really look amazing today. 😍

If Eiichiro Oda says so, I think no one else deserves a vote of confidence. It seems that at this point since Netflix They are not ready to give a release date yet, because for now Oda-sensei only comments that the live-action ‘is progressing. He personally thought that the debut of this adaptation would take place throughout 2023, but it may not start until 2024 in the end. In any case, at least it seems to be working enough for the author of the work to look at everything positively.

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