One Piece’s Luffy is about to unleash his most powerful attack yet


One Piece is located in the most interesting point in its history to datebecause lovers of the work of Eiichiro Odawe witnessed an event that was announced to us years ago and that we were looking forward to: the awakening of Luffy’s fruit.

Finally this happened in One Piece manga chapter 1044but this event not only changed the appearance and enhanced Luffy’s attacks, but also answered many questions about the fruit that the protagonist had eaten, although it also left other doubts.

In One Piece chapter 1047, Luffy in his “Gear Fifth” continues to fight Kaido on Onigashima. Slowly, this battle has been balanced, with the protagonist demonstrating the fruit of his training. And, at the end of this chapter, we got to see that Luffy is about to unleash his most powerful attack.

Luffy’s fruit awakening has greatly boosted his abilities

After awakening his fruit, Luffy’s attacks have become more versatile and powerful.

As we just mentioned, luffy fruit awakening Not only did it improve his abilities, but it also revealed to us that the fruit he had eaten was actually not the fruit. Gomu Gomu no Mi of the Paramecia typebut Zoan Mythological Hito Hito no Mi: Nika model. Although all the information about this remains hidden, at the moment.

As time goes by, Luffy has been trying out their new skills and familiarizing himself with this transformation, which he called Gear Fifthfollowing the line of its previous forms.

Now that Luffy has awakened his fruit, he is able to infuse its powers into his environment, to make everything acquires elasticity and becomes rubber. In fact, thanks to this he was able to hold lightning, as if it were Thor himself.

However, despite this increase in power, Kaido has shown why he is one of the most powerful Pirates in history, as has been able to withstand Luffy’s powerful blows in its new form. And, aware of this, our protagonist prepares to unleash his most powerful attack.

Luffy’s new attack is so powerful that it could even destroy Onigashima.

Luffy prepares his final attack to defeat Kaido.

Luffy prepares his final attack to defeat Kaido.

In the past, we’ve seen Luffy inflate his bones to grow his limbs like a giant’s, to deal destructive blows to his opponents.

However, now that Luffy has combined this ability of his with the new power of his fruit, we are faced with such a powerful and destructive attack that it would be able to destroy Onigashima Island.

In fact, at the end of manga chapter 1047Luffy asks Momonosuke to move the island, since it is in the middle of his attack and he could destroy it by mistake.

This final attack of Luffy takes all the hopes of the people of Wano and his friends, so he hopes it will be enough to defeat Kaido, who has shown incredible stamina.

But this situation also serves to make it clear to us that, from here on, the level that Luffy needs to defeat his opponents must be more or less equivalent. Enemies no longer have the same level as in the past, when Luffy could beat them using a flurry of blows. In fact, this it was also not enough to beat Doflamingo or Katakuri.

So, if Luffy really wants to continue his journey, he will need to keep this level of power in his attacks or even exceed it to face his next rivals.

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