One Piece’s Most Mysterious Villain, Im-Sama, Finally Shows His Power | Pretty Reel

This article contains SPOILERS for One Piece #1060.

One Piece’s most mysterious character, Im-sama, who may also be the series’ final villain, finally makes his return with a cameo appearance which, however, has a huge impact on the story and will leave fans with more questions than they had to start.

The world of One Piece has been ruled for 800 years by an organization called the World Government, an alliance of hundreds of kingdoms established after the mysterious Void Age. The World Government is the main antagonist of the series, primarily through its armed forces, the Navy, which relentlessly hunts down pirates on the loose and ruthlessly enforces “true justice” in the world. While the member countries retain most of their freedom in internal affairs, even the kings must defer to the World Nobles, aka the Celestial Dragons, the descendants of the twenty kings who created the World Government. Above them stand the Gorosei, the Five Elders, the highest placed Celestial Dragons who were believed to be the highest authorities in the world, until the existence of Im, the secret King of the World , is revealed.

Im (whose characteristics and gender are still unknown), debuted in Chapter 906, when it was revealed that they are the true ruler of the world, before whom even the Gorosei bow and sit on the empty throne of Mary Geoise. . Im’s existence is kept secret from everyone but the Gorosei, and after that first appearance they were never shown again, until now. In One Piece Chapter #1060, Luffy’s sworn brother Sabo managed to get in touch with his friends from the Revolutionary Army. Unaware that his call is being intercepted by the Marines, Sabo reveals that he survived the Battle of Levely and discovered a dangerous World Government secret. Just as Sabo is about to reveal Im’s existence, the King of the World orders (through undisclosed means) an attack on the island where the Revolutionary Commander is hiding, which is immediately obliterated by a weapon. mysterious hidden in the clouds.

Im’s return confirms what was already evident in their previous appearance, which is that they could be the series finale and biggest villain, possibly even dethroning Blackbeard. As the leader of One Piece’s main antagonists, the World Government, Im represents everything Luffy and his friends fight against: oppression, tyranny, and privilege. More importantly, Chapter #1060 proved that Im’s existence had to be kept a secret at all costs, as they were willing to wipe an entire kingdom off the map just to silence Sabo. This also means that Luffy’s brother will become a core character, if he survived the attack. Sabo is the only one who knows the truth about the World Government, and this revelation could spark the final war that One Piece has been teasing for a while.

Everything about Im remains a complete mystery. Fans of the series have gone crazy with theories and speculation, but Eiichiro Oda has carefully guarded this character, which means he won’t reveal the truth until a real turning point in the manga. Regardless of Im-sama’s true identity, this mysterious villain will likely play a pivotal role in the long-awaited One Piece finale.