One Piece’s New Deadly Weapon Links To Its Biggest Fan Theory | Pretty Reel

This article contains SPOILERS for One Piece #1059!

A powerful new weapon created by the World Government makes its debut in One Piece, and the nature and appearance of the new Pacifista cyborgs called Seraphim strongly suggest a connection to one of the most popular fan theories to come out of the bestselling novel. ‘Eichiro Oda. manga.

The World Government is the supreme political entity in the One Piece world as it encompasses multiple nations. The highest authorities however are the Celestial Dragons, also known as the World Nobles, the descendants of the first families who formed this institution after a mysterious conflict, 800 years before the start of the series, and wiped out the Old Kingdom for create a new world order. The armed wing of the World Government are the Marines, but new weapons are constantly being developed to ensure the Celestial Dragons maintain their grip on the world. One of these weapons is called Pacifista, human weapons created by the Navy’s chief scientist, Dr. Vegapunk. Former Warlord of the Sea Bartholomew Kuma was the cyborg prototype of the project, which progressed to more impressive and deadly results.

One Piece Chapter #1059 shows the debut of a new Pacifista model, called Seraphim. These appear as children’s versions of the old Seven Warlords of the Sea, with added features that strongly suggest a connection to the mysterious Lunarian race. They have dark skin, white hair, black wings, and a flame shooting out from their backs, as Lunarians do. These new Pacifista display the same abilities as the previous models, including lasers based on Navy Admiral Kizaru’s Devil Fruit, but also appear to be much more powerful and possess the ability to cause trouble to even the mighty Yonko. Blackbeard.

The Seraphim bring together some of the many mysteries that One Piece is built upon. Based on what’s been shown so far in the series, it’s very likely that the World Government used genetic material stolen from the former Warlords of the Sea and King, a Lunarian who was their prisoner for a long time. , to create these new weapons. which combine the combat abilities of Warlords with the superior physical traits of Lunarians. Dr. Vegapunk has already successfully unlocked the secrets of genetics, so this process makes sense, however, the name “Seraphim” also suggests more. Seraphim are, in Jewish and Christian theology, angels seated near the throne of God. In Christianity in particular, Seraphim upholds the order imposed by God, which in the case of One Piece can be identified with the World Government and its secret ruler, Im, the King of the World.

The overall “angel with wings” symbology ties in with many One Piece fans’ theories regarding Lunarians, the Moon, and secrets kept by the World Government. There’s no denying that One Piece hides a secret connection between the sky, the Moon, the Sun (all recurring symbols in the series) and what happened in the Void Century when the World Government came to power. The Celestial Dragons consider themselves the gods of the world, they inhabit a “holy ground” above the rest, which was once the home of the Lunarians, who are now nearly extinct and driven out by the authorities. The name of the new Pacifista models and the fact that they have a similar appearance to Lunarians could confirm the theory that the Celestial Dragons have supplanted this ancient tribe as world gods, and the Seraphim are their new guardian angels, charged with maintain their cruel order over the One Piece world.

One Piece #1059 is available on Viz.