One Piece’s Yonko Proves How Much The Straw Hats Have Grown | Pretty Reel

Warning: Contains Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1055 Since the early days of the One Piece Saga, Monkey D. Luffy has always maintained his laid-back, almost childlike approach to life, friendship, and hacking. However, with the World Government now designating him as one of the most wanted pirates on the seas, Luffy finally seems to have come to terms with his position as Yonko and the responsibilities it places on him as the leader of a crew. of infamous pirates.

Luffy’s “fly by the seat of your pants” hack has always been a feature rather than a bug in his personality. He proved to be incredibly effective not only in battle, but also in convincing others such as Nico Robin, Brook, and potentially Kaido’s son Yamato to join his crew. In other instances, such as in One Piece #309 where Luffy’s impulsive agreement to star in the Davy Back Fight led to Chopper being temporarily lost to the Foxy Pirates, and other crew members being subjugated. to huge amounts of avoidable stress. Despite continued dismay from several members of the Straw Hat Pirates brain trust, Luffy’s nonchalant demeanor doesn’t sit well with someone who is so focused on being the Pirate King. Perhaps, more importantly, is the fact that Luffy’s attitude trickled down to the other crew members, so their discipline and efficiency were also compromised at times, which also led to disastrous results. Despite these lingering vulnerabilities in Luffy’s handling of the pirates, his elevation to Yonko in One Piece seems to have made him see the need to change what got him to this point in his quest for greatness, and to personally adopt an attitude more “professional” while demanding the same from its crew.

The most obvious evidence of this growth is shown in One Piece #1055. While readers were led to believe in the previous chapter that Yamato, Momonosuke and the Nine Red Scabbards were able to fight Admiral Green Bull without Luffy and the other Straw Hat rulers knowing about it, it is revealed that they were not only aware of the battle but had been observing it for some time.

It’s a small dot in a chapter that’s otherwise packed with action and discovery, but it’s a key reveal that confirms how much Luffy and his crew have grown. At the start of the Straw Hats’ story, it would have been unimaginable that Luffy would have the patience not to join the fray to help his friends. In fact, many of their adventures began with him, or others, recklessly rushing into a situation with no plan or strategy. In this case, if they joined the battle, a number of potential problems could have developed. First, they would have thwarted Momonosuke’s wish to show that he can defend One Piece’s Wano Country without assistance. Second, they would have eliminated Shanks’ ability to sneakily contact Luffy through his use of haki. Finally, they would have made it much easier for Admiral Green Bull to attack Luffy.

While Luffy still exudes the “joy boy” style of hacking that made him famous, his rise to Yonko status has clearly made him a bit wiser, calmer, and patient. It also seems to have helped him think more critically about how he should approach any given situation, from battlefield tactics to inter-crew management. As he begins his final push for One Piece, a bit of maturity will be needed if he has any hope of overcoming the threats that lie ahead.