One Pieche 1065: Egg Head, the island from the past. Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Posted on 07 Nov 2022 at 11:26

New One Piece Chapter 1065 might just be the key to discovering the ancient kingdom of D!

A chapter that will still mark the fans! Chapter 1065 is revealed today with some pretty crazy news: Egg Head is an island from the past! More precisely, Vegapunk would know enough about the forgotten century, the ultimate question mark in the work of One Piece, to be able to recreate the technology of the ancient kingdom annihilated by the forces of Ym-sama. A prodigious discovery which shows that in the end, the genius scientist is not only “500 years ahead” of all of humanity according to Kuma, but rather even 800 years ahead. And this incredible knowledge, capable of moving the whole world, is Eiichiro Oda finally ready to reveal it to us?

Does the Gorosei know everything?

In terms of revelations, we originally expected Vegapunk to Devil fruit ads. We know that the master of Egg Head succeeded in isolating the lineage factor, and was thus able to perfectly copy a devil fruit – a unique success in One Piece. But in the end, even more interesting secrets emerge with the revelation that Egg Head is not a futuristic island, but an island from the past, which imperfectly reproduces the technology of the kingdom of D. Now we will have to understand why Vegapunk is he able to know all this. Did he simply deduce it by dint of research and brilliant intuitions? Or would he, like others, be heir to ancestral knowledge? Or quite simply, is he a D (at 210 IQ)?

Egg Head will he not say too much?

All we can be sure of is that we are advancing ever faster in the revelations. After showing us a robot from what appears to be the Forgotten Realm on the last page, Oda won’t be able to leave these revelations in the shadows for too long. Will we be entitled at the end of this arc – which should be short – to a crazy conversation between Vegapunk and Robin on the forgotten century?