One Punch Man may have confirmed his next arc in a way you didn’t expect

Saitama learns more details about an old character.

One Punch-Man’s new move with Saitama is more dangerous than it seems

It may not be resonating as much as One Piece or Dragon Ball, but the truth is that One Punch Man is still one of the most relevant mangathereby giving rise to that we can see how Saitama’s story continues to develop now with the return of an old character, being so Hellish Blizzard is back.

It must be said that this character is considered the best Class B psychic within One Punch Man, having been missing for quite some time considering that even the S-Class heroes have had problems with the stronger monsters that have been appearing in the manga. However, in the recent chapter 173 it has been seen that it can shine again.

It is revealed that Blizzard and Psykos may have had a relationship in the past.

To put it in context, it must be said that in its day Blizzard tried recruit Saitama into the Blizzard Bunchthis being something that he has not achieved, but what he continues to insist on seeing the enormous strength of the bald hero. However, with this new appearance in One Punch Man, it seems that his goal is anothersince after having run over Forte, she asked Saitama to go with her.

After this, Blizzard took Saitama and his entire entourage to the Hero Association’s Special Detention Center to visit the Monster Association’s psychopaths, and it was here that we could see that Psykos recognized the psychic as the president of the Monster Society. Investigation of Strange Powers, while this one referred to the other as the former vice president of the same, which has come hand in hand with the fact that it may have existed a relationship between these two characters in the past.

Be that as it may, the truth is that what is being seen in the secondary plane is that an individual has paid the superiors of the center to experiment on Psykos, being so that this would allow the investigation of an organization known as Tsukuyomi to advance. For this reason, it seems that the next One Punch Man fight would take place in this center, while it is expected that with Saitama witnessing these events we can see him facing this new enemy group.