One Punch Man: One of the most important anime insiders is suspended for leaking the study of season 3

A little over a couple of weeks ago we had a pretty cool revelation: MAPPA He was going to be in charge of animating season 3 of “One Punch Man”. Indeed, the crazy people who work on “Chainsaw Man”, on “Jujutsu Kaisen” and more bombings will join another renowned IP… or at least that’s what the leak says. Because the truth is that there is still no official announcement of this, but it may be a good indication of this that they have tackled the beast at the insider who leaked the information at the time.

One Punch Man Anime Season 3 Leaks Take Down a Known Twitter Insider

What I’m talking about? Well, what? the well-known ShonenLeaks You have seen your account get suspended shortly after that the official Twitter account of “One Punch Man” ensure that it was the only appropriate way to obtain information. Chance? I highly doubt it:

And now I am going to comment on four little things about this, because it seems to me that the situation has taken on a curious tone:

  • To begin, as I say Despite what the official account says, I am quite convinced that MAPPA with One Punch Man season 3 is true. Obviously until there is confirmation there is always the possibility that things will change, but otherwise it seems like an excessive and unnecessary maneuver that they have taken. 🤔
  • Secondly, the truth is that it is already bad luck for ShonenLeaks, because on top of that Twitter Blue subscription had been purchased to better manage the account. Bit of a waste of money at this point. 🤢
  • Third and last, This makes me wonder if we will soon see how more accounts of this type are affected on Twitter. In the end, he would say that this is the first time an anime insider has been suspended in this way on the platform. With all the big names out there leaking stuff on an almost daily basis, if this really means a new dynamic I doubt things will stay as free-spirited as they have been. 😮

To be honest, I’ve always been amazed at how Twitter is home to all sorts of leaks with virtually no real consequences.. It is true that more than one insider is quite careful with how or when they release information, and that in the end the MAPPA thing with the third season of “One Punch Man” became a huge ball. Therefore, it seems to me that this is something that was going to end up happening sooner or later.