Our best gift ideas for a One Piece fan

You surely know a anime fan One Piece, so why not give him a gift on the theme of his favorite series? Here are 8 gift ideas for a fan of One Piece to help you choose.

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Our best gift ideas for a One Piece fan

Luffy, Zoro, Nami… These manga character names are certainly not unknown to you. After narutothe anime One Piecemet with phenomenal success, reaching young and old alike. This has spawned the appearance of hundreds of derivative products on Amazon, ready to be slipped under the tree for Christmas. Don’t worry, we help you choose! In this article, you will find a selection of the best gift ideas for a fan of One Piece.

1- A Funko Pop figure luffytaro metalic

The Funko Pop Figure luffytaro metalic in vinyl is approximately 9 cm in height and weighs 160 grams. With its beautiful bright colors and impeccable finishes, this figurine can be used to decorate a library, an office or a playroom. It will undoubtedly appeal to all anime fans. One Piece.

Figure Luffytaro, Funko Pop. Price: €22.50 Funko Pop! / Fnac

2- Luffy’s straw hat: the perfect gift idea for a collection One Piece successful

If your friend admires the style of their favorite protagonist, give them their iconic hat. The latter is an authentic reproduction of the hat of Luffy. Ideal for cosplay and comfortable to wear, it can be worn by everyone. Side measurements, count between 53 to 60 cm of head circumference. The straw hat Luffy is also of very good quality, which makes it a very durable accessory.

Luffy’s hat, Rakuten. Price: €7.85 Rakuten

3- The replica of the katana ofZoro

To stay in the cosplaythis replica of Zoro’s katana is a masterpiece in terms of reproduction. It is supplied with its sheath and its support. The wooden scabbard and the cotton lacing that surrounds the handle are both white in color. The guard is brass and the blade is made from black stainless steel. This Katana is 103 cm long and 10 cm wide. Its fidelity to the original is astonishing and this weapon of decoration comes to rest perfectly on your furniture or animate your sessions of cosplay.

Replica of Zoro’s katana, Rakuten. Price: €56.99 Rakuten

4- Luminous figure Devil’s fruit : the essential piece for any fan of One Piece

Other decorative object : the famous Devil’s fruit. This figurine is available in different colors. It is made of PVC and contains a small bulb inside, which illuminates in the color of the fruit. The light figure Devil’s fruit measures from 9.5 to 11 cm, weighs 82 g and is available in 4 models.

Light up figure Dragon Fruit, AliExpress. Price: €42.61 AliExpress

5- Cap snap backOne Piece

If your loved one is not really a fan of cosplaychoose this cap instead snap back derived from the universe one-piece. She wears the colors and emblem of Trafalgar Law, the surgeon of death. It is made of polyester and the embroidery is of excellent quality. The size is adjustable and therefore suitable for both adults and children. This cap holds the modern style of snapbacks and reflects the identity of your friend’s favorite anime.

One Piece snapback cap, CDiscount. Price: €17.99 ABYstyle / CDiscount

6- Hoodie One Piece : to show his passion for anime even his clothes

Another gift that fans of One Piece is it hoodie black in colour, with a modern fit unisex. The image of the protagonist’s eyes is printed on the front while the flag of One Pieceis printed on the back. The sweatshirt is made of high quality cotton and polyester. It is available in different sizes.

One Piece Hoodie, CDiscount. Price: €59.99 CDiscount

7- Poster “wanted”One Piece

A great classic, but always a success: the poster! The wall art premiums One Piece (to post “wanted”) are surely the best wall decorations to offer to a lover of theanimated. These posters bring together the most iconic charactersfrom the Serie (and the most wanted!), such as Luffy, Shanks, and many others. These are good quality posters, made of kraft paper, and they are the size of an A4 sheet (42 cm by 28.5 cm).

One Piece “Wanted” poster, Etsy. Price: €18.99 Etsy

8- Monopoly One Piece

This MonopolyOne Piece is the ideal game to liven up your evenings with friends and anime fans. Monopoly is the most popular board game in the world and this one is completely personalized in the image of the series, through the figurines, the boxes and the cards. The Monopoly box contains the game board, 9 personalized pawns, 28 property cards, 16 flag cards, 16 chest cards, 32 houses, 12 hotels, the dice, and finally, the tickets. The box weighs 1 kg, which makes it very easy to transport.


Monopoly One Piece Game, Winning Moves. Price: €43.61

here are the best gift ideas to offer to fans of One Piece. If you think these products might appeal to someone, don’t hesitate, go ahead and order them and expand your friends’ or yours’ collection!

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