Pixel War: Discover the manga that have won! – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 05 Apr 2022 at 18:37

A subject has been talked about a lot in recent days: the Pixel War, during which France did particularly well, surely imposing the largest drawing on the entire map. But in this virtual world map, we can also find many tributes to manga. Discover them!

The Pixel War has been raging in recent days across the planet, especially with a conquering France which will have been attacked by the Spaniards and the Americans (in particular!) without the portrait of Zidane and the Arc de Triomphe never weakening . But beyond the chauvinistic pleasure – come on, we do not sulk his pleasure! -, we have seen many references to the world of manga appear, which are scattered all over the huge map with a thousand faces. Whether you participated like some in this great cyber epic, or that, like most, you have only ever witnessed these fights as a spectator, you will be able, as a fan of manga, to enjoy yourself, and find your favorite works!

A great treasure hunt!

And we warn you, there is plenty to walk around!

  • At the top of course, we find One Piece. We counted no less than five appearances related to the work of Oda (but no Nika in the lot!). The Gold Roger obviously laughing, in the lower right quarter; a micro-luffy at the edge of this portrait; the Mugiwara raising the point above Zidane; an image of the Thousand Sunny at the top next to (on the left) the image of the green Arkeanos raptor; and finally the Straw Hats flag just below the flag of Turkey;
  • A tribute to Kentaro Miura, recently deceasedwith an image of Guts, the hero of Berserk, at the top, slightly to the left;
  • An image in the lower half of the map, almost in the center, where we find Cowboy Bebop and Totoro side by side;
  • The iconic cap from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, on the left edge of the map, almost in the middle of the ridge;
  • Eren, the genocidal hero of attack on titanwhose portrait is in the upper left corner;
  • A Saitama from One Punch Man, accompanied by Genos, on the bottom right border;
  • And finally, a little above, a mini-Goku doing a genki-dama!

Find the others!

And if ever you can’t find these different images yourself, wherever you want to look for others, or even check if we haven’t missed something, you can find here the Pixel War interactive map.