Power levels are ruining One Piece and this is why

Power levels tend to give a lot of problems in Shonen.

As a good manga within the Shonen genre, One Piece has always been characterized by presenting levels of powerthis being the method followed by many of the works within this genre to show us quickly and easily the potential of different characters and that also serves to quickly measure who would win in a match. In fact, if you are a fan of Dragon Ball, this concept should not sound strange to you.

In fact, Oda, mangaka of One Piece, has accustomed us to the fact that from time to time characters get different power-upswhich are manifested in many cases via Devil Fruit Users, which gives rise to these also having their own range. In fact, we have recently been able to discover the most disappointing devil fruit.

Some battles in One Piece are meaningless on the power scale

Power levels are ruining One Piece and this is why

Luffy at his full power with the powers of My Hero Academia

Having said all this, one flaw with this system is that with Over the years invincible transformations become zeros to the left, since the development of the story forces this to put tension back into the encounters. And this leads to the power levels end up being absurdthis being something that One Piece fans have detected.

An example of this is seen in the fact that Zoro was able to kill a dragon in the Punk Hazard arc, which automatically made many think that he could with Kaido, this being something that did not happen because it was Luffy who finished off the tyrant. But that does not mean that there has been a serious error in the scale of powersince for reasons of history, this is left aside.

In any case, it must be said that Oda has another method to establish the force power of the characters, making use of the rewards offered by the pirates, although that does not mean that current amounts are absurdly high currently. We will have to see at what point One Piece ends, although until then know that the series is nothing from confirm a Blackbeard theoryamong other great mysteries.

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