Relive the best moments of the “One Piece” anime in its 23 years –

I am Luffy! The man who will become the Pirate King!“.

23 years ago the journey began.

The first episode of the “One Piece” anime premiered on October 20, 1999 in Japan.kicking off the gigantic and exciting journey of “Luffy”, the rubber man who will become the King of the Piratesas he assured in his debut in the series.

The beloved adaptation of the play created by Eiichiro Odaa true pillar of Japanese culture, is produced by Toei Animation and already adds 1,036 chapters, with fans enjoying the arc of the Wano Country who enters his decisive battle.

Throughout more than two decades, the franchise has conquered millions of people around the world with the adventures of the Straw Hats, staying current in both manga and animation. Whether on television or in theaters, in video games and spin-offs, pirates continue to be unquestionably successful.

The history he still has a lot of life ahead of himwith Oda pledging to “draw all the mysteries left in this world that I’ve been hiding until now” after 25 years of serializing the Straw Hats’ story.

With the manga in its final phase, the journey continues strongly in animation, which year after year continues to add new and loyal followers despite the large number of episodes broadcast..

That anime has left great moments throughout its enormous history. We have gone from laughter to tears, from suffering to celebration, on a journey full of heart.

On the occasion of the 23 years of the anime, in SuperGeek we recover the complex task of choosing the best moments that the series has left, so far.

“Nami” asks “Luffy” for help.

This was a key moment. From this point, there was no turning back. “Nami”, filled with pain and despair, begins to cut off her tattoo on her arm that links her to the despicable “Arlong” Pirates, but “Luffy” stops her to prevent further damage. The navigator, who always fended for herself, leaves her pride behind and asks for his help. The Straw Hat captain comforts her by handing over her hat, her most precious object, and yells to heaven that of course he will help her.. And so begins the walk with his crew to destroy Arlong Park, this painful and exciting sequence leading many to never leave this journey.

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Luffy” vs. “Crocodile”

There is something that makes the villains of “One Piece” special. They really are hateful. Very hateful. They commit misdeeds beyond the funnable and their “dreams” are in line with tyrants and genocides. Their designs help to hate them even more and, in many cases, their laughs as well. “crocodiles” he is the first great enemy since “Arlong” and his enormous power is easily noticed, as he defeats the protagonist of the series more than once. Furthermore, he tricked an entire nation into killing each other. How to overcome what seems impossible? With wit, an epic fight and Dvořák’s Symphony 9 in the background.

“I want to live!”

“Robin’s” life was marked by pain and tragedy, being constantly betrayed by those who wanted to keep the enormous reward offered for her. She never trusted anyone, until she joined the Straw Hat crew. They went to rescue her at Enies Lobby and did not hesitate to make the World Government her enemy by burning her flag. She finally met her companions who will protect her and, moved by her actions, she cries out from her soul: “I want to live!”. Through tears, he tells them with tremendous emotion that she wants to go back to the sea with them. And that’s all the Straw Hats needed to launch into battle against CP9 and save her partner.

Goodbye to “Merry”

If they didn’t shed a tear right now, they don’t have a heart. The “Going Merry” was the Straw Hats’ first ship, being one more member of the crew. Everyone loved this ship as if she were another companion, but the damage she suffered throughout the adventures ended up being irreparable. After appearing out of nowhere at Enies Lobby to rescue the pirates, the caravel just couldn’t sail anymore. It was time to say goodbye. The Straw Hats hold a funeral for their beloved ship by setting it on fire at sea, hitting us all when we hear “Merry’s” voice. “I’m sorry… I wanted to have always accompanied them on their adventures (…) but I was very happy”. Seeing “Luffy” apologizing for all the damage they caused to “Merry” and the emotion of each member of the crew only elevates this heartwarming scene, which is always moving.

“Zoro” receives pain from “Luffy”

“Zoro” showed here why he is the most valuable member of the Straw Hat crew. After the battle at Thriller Bark against “Moria”, the exhausted pirates face the threat of “Kuma”. The only one left standing is “Zoro”, who understands that he cannot win this fight and decides to offer his life to save “Luffy”. The Shichibukai accepts, on one condition: let the swordsman absorb all the pain of his captain. Later, “Sanji” finds “Zoro” standing, bloodied and in the center of a huge pool of blood, assuring that “nothing has happened”. The moment revealed the powerful bond between “Zoro” and his companions.

“Luffy” hits a “Heavenly Dragon”

There are great scenes throughout “One Piece,” but none as satisfying as this one. The “Heavenly Dragons” they are the World Nobles who live in the Sacred Land of Mary Geoise, full of privileges and with control over the Navy. They have lived abusing their power, killing, kidnapping and torturing those they consider inferior, with total impunity. They even carry their own oxygen tank so they don’t breathe the same air as mere mortals. Attacking one of them involves being chased by an Admiral, but none of that mattered to “Luffy” when one of the World Nobles, “Charlos”, shoots “Hatchan”. An enraged Straw Hat captain punches him with such force that it destroys his air bubble and throws him away.. The scene is constructed in a way that makes you detest the “Heavenly Dragon” more and more, letting out shrieks of excitement when he gets what he deserves.

The death of “Ace”

The death of “Portgas D. Ace” in the arms of his brother “Luffy” is on the podium of the saddest moments that have taken place throughout the anime. The impact is strong, because the entire Marineford saga was aimed at rescuing “Fire Fist”, and then his last words hit us hard, thanking everyone for having loved this “good for nothing”. “Ace” dies on the battlefield with a smile on his face, just like his father’s “Gol D. Roger”, leaving his brother devastated and in shock. A painful image that we will never forget.

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“We would never sell to our friends”

Zou, the island located on the back of a gigantic elephant called “Zunesha”, was attacked by the Beasts Pirates under the command of “Jack”, who were looking for “Raizo”, a ninja from Wano Country. The mink tribe, animal inhabitants of Zou, were defeated and tortured, and some were mutilated, all the while denying knowing anyone named “Raizo”. After being rescued by the Straw Hats, the pirates felt that there was hatred for the samurai of Wano after all they had suffered and tried unsuccessfully to prevent them from seeing “Kin’emon” and “Kanjuro”. When the samurai and “Momonosuke” reveal themselves to the two rulers of the island, “Inuarashi” and “Nekomamushi”, we all get a huge surprise to see the inhabitants of the island kneeling before Wano’s visitors and revealing that “Raizo” is safe. They suffered unimaginable pain, almost died and destroyed their city, but they would never sell their friends. An exciting reveal and one of the great surprises of the series.

“Without you, I can’t be the Pirate King!”

“Luffy’s” bond with “Sanji” is at stake. Both are doing the impossible for what they think is best for the other, but their positions are conflicted by the situation in which the cook of the mugiwaras finds himself. Amidst all the tension, “Luffy” demonstrates why he is the best captain: for him, always his nakama will come first, even before your own life.


“He started laughing”

Wano is full of epic moments, humor, characters that leave their mark and surprising twists in the story – in addition to the fantastic episode 957 -. But this arc also has a flashback that showed elements expected for years by fans. One of its culminating parts has to do directly with “Gol D. Roger” and a mystery that the series presented decades ago: the “One Piece”.

The chapter 1015

The best episode of the entire series? Many people think so, and it’s easy to see why. The achievements in animation, the epic moments, the passionate performances, the musical decisions and the direction of megumi ishitani they are worthy of all the accolades they have garnered. Definitely, an adaptation that took the necessary artistic liberties and brought out the best of Eiichiro Oda’s work.

Bonus track: Episode 405

Sabaody’s ending is the most painful moment for “Luffy”, and perhaps for the viewers… to that date. Everything is uncertainty around their precious nakama, the ability of “Luffy” to defend them and even his aspirations to be the King of the Pirates are questioned. It is a tragedy that impacts even knowing that there are almost 600 chapters left. From then on, things change forever.

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You can relive the first sagas in netflix or see all the episodes broadcast to date on the platform Crunchyroll.